8 Of The Best At-Home Workouts

No gym? Don't sweat as these at-home videos are all you need for a good workout.

At home workout

by Emma Stoddart |

Since home workouts became ‘a thing’ during Lockdown 1.0, we have been totally spoilt for choice with myriad exercise apps and virtual classes online. While some come at a small fee, others are totally free. The best part? You can exercise from the comfort of your home whenever and wherever you like! Whether you're a HIIT fanatic or a yoga bunny who can't go through a week without breathing and bending your way to a state of zen, we've got you covered.

Scroll down to find the perfect workout for you - there's everything from Australian fitness sensation, Kayla Itsiness (the exercises may look easy, but mid-way through you'll feel the burn big time), to Yoga Teacher, Adriene Mishler. Teeny tiny room? There's one for you, too. Yoga With Candace serves up a routine that you can work through from the comfort of your own bed! Trust us, it's a great one to both slowly wake you up in the morning, and stretch away the day ready for bed. And if you're after a killer boxing session, look no further than our exclusive video with instructor at Twenty Two Training, Zoe Lou.

1. Fighting Fit Workout With Zoe Lou Purpuri

Best for: Burning those arms and working your core. Zoe begins the workout by explaining the boxing basics before getting started. It's an up-tempo, sweaty session that gets your full body working, especially your arms. Brilliant for those who are missing their go-to boxercise classes.

Time: 20 minutes with a warm up and plank to finish. Zoe recommends working out first thing in the morning, as it's a great mood-booster and really sets you up for the day.

Equipment: Yoga mat

2. Grazia x Sweaty Betty Core Strengthening Workout

Best for: Strengthening and toning your core. Isa-Welly really focuses on form and explains how each exercise works so you can really make the most out of the workout.

Time: 10 minutes, the ideal time for a quick lunch-time or morning workout to set you up for the day

Equipment: Yoga mat

3. Grazia x Sweaty Betty Bum Sculpting Workout

Best for: Burning those glutes and really sculpting your bum. Expect lots of leg raises, pelvic thrusts and deep stretches. Rather than high energetic exercises, this workout uses slow movements and lots of reps to really target the glutes.

Time: 10 minutes, the ideal time for a quick lunch-time or morning workout to set you up for the day

Equipment: Yoga mat

4. Yoga With Adriene

Best for: If you need to stretch out, unwind or want to improve your flexibility. This 30 day challenge is designed for every level and will gradually increase your strength and ability.

Time: The videos are normally around 20 minutes except for day 1 which is 43 minutes

Equipment: Yoga mat and pillow

5. Arms & Abs With Kayla Itsiness

Best for: Targeting both your abs and arms - Kayla demonstrates how to do eight different exercises using both weights and body. It's high intensity and the idea is to repeat the exercises until 15 minutes is up.

Time: 15 minutes, warm up and cool down too

Equipment: Yoga mat and hand weights

6. Full Body Workout With Pamela Reif

Best for: If you're pushed for time this 20 minute workout is a great way to build up a sweat quickly and really feel like you've had a workout. You complete a series of different exercises (including donkey kicks and jumping planks). It's definitely dynamic so a reasonable level of fitness is required.

Time: 20 minutes, make sure you warm up and cool down

Equipment: Yoga mat

7. 7 Days Of Sweat With Joe Wicks

Best for: A quick series of energetic workouts that are aimed for all levels. Stick at it for a week and you'll feel great afterwards!

Time: 20 minutes

Equipment: Yoga mat

8. Yoga With Candace

Best for: Anyone lacking the motivation to get out of bed in the morning. This gentle yoga routine can be completed from the comfort of your own bed so there really is no excuse.

Time: 12 minutes

Equipment: None

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