5 Genius Heatwave Hacks To Keep You Cool This Week

Got a bum bag? A hot water bottle? You're already half way there...

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How's this heatwave treating you? Whether you consider summer your natural habitat or you're a winter lover through and through, no one can deny having felt a little hot and flustered over the past couple of days. Britain was not made to handle heatwaves. Properties aren't fitted with air con from day dot, supplies of plug-in fans sell out within seconds of the mercury rising above 20 degrees, and hands up who is organised enough to book their car in for an air conditioning service each year? Not us.


Needless to say when the weather gets hot in Britain it's generally a bit of a mission to cool down. Enter Grazia's list of heatwave hacks! A bundle of fuss-free tips and tricks - they're pretty genius if we do say so ourselves - that stand to chill you out this sweltering summer season. Scroll on down, these ideas are game-changing:

1. Freeze Your Hot Water Bottle

Got a hot water bottle with a soft case? Fill the rubber part up with cold water, secure the cap tightly and put it in the freezer. A few hours later (between four and seven depending on the size of the hot water bottle) and you can pull it out of there and enjoy. Place it on your lap while working at your desk during the day for a long-lasting cool hit, or cuddle it at night to help you sleep better.

2. On The Go? Reach For Your Bum Bag

If you find yourself with no other option but to brave sweltering public transport like buses, trains or the tube during the heat wave then this trick is a must-try on the go. It does hinge on your outfit working with a bum bag though. Simply freeze a mini bottle of water overnight and put it in your bum bag just before you leave. Fasten the bag around your waist and enjoy a constant hit of cool around your middle. It sounds odd, it might even look pretty odd, but trust us, as soon as you're on the tube in and amongst the sweaty masses you'll be feeling pretty darned smug about life.

3. Invest In A Hand Fan

No, we're not talking about those techy pieces of kit that always get caught in your hair, we mean those good old fashioned fold-out fans, the sort that Daphne, Penelope and mainly Cressida always make a point of batting their lashes behind in Bridgerton. It's a greatly underestimated accesory that takes up barely any space in your handbag. Keep one in there at all times so that you always have a way of batting a little makeshift breeze your way on the go.

4. Prep Your Bed

Advice for pet owners during a heatwave last year advised freezing large bottles of water, wrapping them in tea towels and placing them in their pets' beds to ensure their furry friends always had a place to cool down. Well, if it's good enough for the beloved Labradors of this country! We highly recommend - if you have the freezer space - filling up a couple of 2L bottles, freezing them, and placing them under the covers just before you go to bed. Do it just before you hit your skincare routine. The result? You return to a blissfully cool bed, and can even keep them in there - we recommend having one near your feet and one closer to your body - if you're sure they're not likely to leak overnight.

5. Simulate Air Con At Home

If you have a fan at home try this nifty trick. Put your fan on its highest setting and in front, in the middle of the air flow, place a large frozen bottle of water or a bucket of ice. It might look a little odd but as long as their going into the fan is warmer than the frozen water in front if it, the air, once it reaches you, will be icy cold. Need to shop a fan for this one? Scroll on down to browse our pick of the most aesthetically pleasing fans going...

Shop: 7 Of The Aesthetically Pleasing Fans To Keep You Cool This Summer


Best Fans - Grazia

best cooling fans for rooms1 of 5

Stadler Form Q Fan

If your name is Quentin, or you're just really into the letter Q, then this one's for you. At £179 this Stadler Form Q aluminium fan has three speeds and was designed by Swiss artist Carlo Borer.

best cooling fans for rooms2 of 5

Qushini Desk Fan

If your home is pretty cool but it's your office that's sweltering, this desk fan from Urban Outfitters might be just what you need. It's £22 and comes in white, pink or black.

best cooling fans for rooms3 of 5

Dimplex Mont Blanc Cooling Fan

Short on space? This tower will blend into the background while providing a continuous stream of cool air.

best cooling fans for rooms4 of 5

Boneco F210 Air Shower

This adorable little guy is the Boneco F210 Air Shower. Ideal for smaller flats or bedrooms, it can be rotated 270 degrees so you can control the stream of cool air – which is why it's call an air shower (don't worry, it won't splash you with water.)

best cooling fans for rooms5 of 5

BRAVICH Portable 16 Inch Copper Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Let's face it - we don't all have huge attics to store these fans in for the 360 days a year when it's not boiling. So if you can find something that might be pleasing on the eye, the rest of the time - like this Bravich copper standing fan - it's helpful...

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