This Is The Equation That Will Cure Your Hangover

Drop everything, we have the hangover cure

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by Ellie Wiseman |

Hangovers are a given in the party season, so if you haven't already come to terms with it, now's the time. More often than not you'll get a tad overexcited at a Christmas party and wake up with the textbook hangover: a sore head, shaky hands, gasping for a drop of water to relieve your desert-textured tongue, nausea when moving, and of course the emotional state of wallowing in self-pity and shame. You know the drill.

Well, sound the alarm because Deliveroo has come to our rescue with an equation that will alleviate our hangovers. So stop Googling 'can I die from a hangover?' or 'can hangovers kill you?' because nutritionist Amanda Hamilton has formulated the concoction of foods that will restore the nutrients in your body and resurrect you from your bed.


X (C2H5OH ++) = Y (B x 2 + 20gP) + (+ AV + rk2 + SPF x 10)

Ok, this may look boggling (certainly don't look at it when you are actually hungover), but this is the key to you feeling better. Deciphered, it means:

X = Too many units of alcohol (oops)

Y = Hangover help (hurrah)

B x 2 = Bread. Sourdough is best for a queasy stomach, and wholemeal bread is the healthy option.

20pP = 20 grams of lean protein to satisfy hunger levels and to balance blood sugar and restore iron.

+ AV = Avocado to boost your body's lack of potassium.

+ rk2 = Rocket, rocket, and more rocket. Bitter greens will help your poor, damaged liver.

+ SPF x 10 = A handful of sweet potato (fries are fine) will add B6, which will alleviate nausea and balance your blood sugar (and stop you shaking).

And that's all you need! Sounds like a tasty brunch, right? And it gets even better, as you can now order all of this from Deliveroo in advance, so come the dreaded morning-after when you're in your weakest hungover state you won't have to battle with your phone to compile a food order. Genius! There's no more need to write-off a whole Saturday or Sunday after a night of drinking. Bring on the holidays!

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