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The secret behind Jamie Oliver's favourite salt


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Maldon Sea Salt is an international brand and is exported and sold in over 45 countries around the world. Described as The Diamond of the Salt Industry Maldon is used by Jamie Oliver, Nigel Slater and the Hawksmoor Chefs.

![Maldon Sea Salt and the Essex Salt Marshes

  1. In 1882 The Maldon Salt Company is born and to date they have over 130 years experience.

  2. In 1900 Maldon Salt began making a name for itself. Orders arrive from Harrods and Fortnum and Mason, putting us on the shelves of London’s top food stores. The feedback is good: “We found the salt much better than ordinary salt for pickling beef, a much smaller quantity being required for brine. Also gives the beef a much better flavour.” Signed, Harrods.

  3. The top 5 markets for Maldon Sea Salt are Spain, Australia, USA, Norway, Denmark/Sweden. This shows it's not just us Brits who appreciate Gourmet Salt.

![Owner Steven Osbourne and his father Clive on the Salt Marshes.

  1. Maldon Salt production surprisingly depends on the moon and tides! Every fortnight the salt that has dried across the marshes is reabsorbed by higher spring tides.

  2. At Maldon, they like to take water from the middle of the river where the salt concentration is highest, before being stored and left to settle in large tanks. It’s filtered and then transferred to large stainless steel salt pans, where the water is heated and brought to a ‘galloping boil’. Salt crystals begin to form as if by magic and this is what creates the special pyramid shape of their salt! Eventually when the crystals get too big they sink to the bottom and are collected by trained workers.

  3. Maldon also produce delicious Smoked sea salt flakes which are fantastic on both shellfish and meats.

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