5 Holistic Wellness Practices To Try Now

Whether you devote time to one or adopt them all, these small lifestyle tweaks can help to reduce stress, improve sleep and boost your energy


by Annie Vischer |

What does wellness mean to you? Does it represent a yoga class a week? Wild swimming? Or perhaps it brings to mind wacky treatments worthy of Gwyneth Paltrow. In a study conducted by new wellness brand Plantopia*, 62% of participants associate the term ‘wellness’ with health, 61% with mental health, and 46% with emotional wellbeing. The key takeout? Wellness equals self-care.

Plantopia is a new wellness brand that has been designed to care for your face, body and mind. It champions self-care, sustainability and has been developed to address the major and minor negative aggressors in our life, from stress to skin-dulling free radicals. Plantopia’s debut line-up is comprised of four targeted ranges, consisting of multi-purpose products for body and skin, alongside food supplements are on average 97% natural and Leaping Bunny approved.

Now, more than ever, we know that taking the time to slow down, to listen to our bodies and settle our mind pays dividends, but many of us haven’t hit on the best way to do just that. A recent study found that nearly half (49%) of UK adults admit to feeling stressed five or more days each month and 23% revealed that work makes them feel stressed**.

Enter Plantopia. Plantopia have harnessed the science of adaptogens - active ingredients found in specific plants and mushrooms that have been shown to help our body counteract stress – and soothing essential oils within four targeted ranges - Detox & Purify, Rest & Sleep, Relax & Calm and Energise & Uplift. Whichever Plantopia product you opt for you can be sure to find your personal wellness prescription..

Keen for more of a steer? Introducing our five wellness practices to try now. A handful of fuss-free habits worth working into your weekly routine, all of which afford you that valuable moment of ‘me time’.

1. Try A 2-Minute Face Massage

Never underestimate the power of self-touch. Research shows that it helps to reduce the impact of anxiety and stress. Factoring a short face massage into your daily routine is an easy way to benefit. Whether you do it with a face oil at night, or while you’re applying your moisturiser in the morning, spend a couple of minutes sweeping the product from the centre of your face, outwards towards your jaw. You’ll aid lymphatic drainage too, which helps to de-puff skin.

Try: Plantopia Rest & Sleep Dusk To Dawn Night Oil, £28 – Powered by adaptogenic ashwagandha and bakuchiol, this nourishing oil supports cell turnover, promotes elasticity, firmness, and texture, whilst helping to diminish the appearance and depth of fine lines and wrinkles – all whilst you’re asleep.


2. Rediscover Baths

Baths can relax your muscles and stimulate your nervous system. They quiet your mind too, there’s nothing rushed about bathing. And there’s an easy way to elevate your bathroom ‘me time’ too. Simply add a handful or two of detox-focused bath salts into the mix.

Try: Plantopia Detox & Purify At Ease Soaking Salts, £18 – An innovative powder-to-milk formula that helps to eliminate toxins and impurities from your body, leaving skin feeling soothed, hydrated and conditioned.


3. Embrace Shower Meditation

It’s tempting to turn showers into a chore. A quick wash-and-go feels hurried and functional, and yet showers serve up such a valuable opportunity for relaxation. Try investing in a shower speaker. Link it up to your phone and find a 10-minute guided meditation track online – search ‘shower meditation’ on YouTube, they’re there for the taking. Reach for a luxurious shower oil that’s packed with mood-lifting essential oils, and close yourself off from the world for just a moment. Do this two-to-three times a week and you won’t look back.

Try: Plantopia Energise & Uplift Good To Go Shower And Bath Oil, £22 – Its unique oil-to-milk formula and blend of essential oils – think ginseng and lemongrass - nourishes and invigorates your body and mind, all while boosting radiance and upping the moisture levels in your skin.


4. Know Your Essential Oils

The power of essential oils is well-established. Your sense of smell is linked to the part of your brain that regulates emotion – your limbic system – and studies have repeatedly demonstrated the power that essential oils have to influence your mood. Working them into your daily routine, if you’re in need of a little calm, or a revitalising boost, is a no-brainer. Want to make the most of the benefits of essential oils on-the-go? Get yourself a mist. Whether you mist it on your face, your pulse points, your pillow or your desk space, an essential-oil-infused mist can alter the atmosphere around you for the better in a matter of spritzes.

Try: Plantopia Relax & Calm And Relax…Face And Space Mist, £18 – Made with calming rose-scented geranium, bergamot and orange, this spray helps to calm your mood and, promote tranquillity and ground your spirit.


5. Ritualise Sleep

Adopting a repetitive pre-bedtime routine is a great way to improve sleep if you’re having difficulty doing so. Worked through regularly it helps to kick your sleep cycle into gear, your body thrives on habit. Try using a scented body lotion before bed, and take time massaging it into your arms, hands and decolletage. Start at the centre of your decolletage and move outwards, alternating between small circular movements with your fingers, and longer sweeping movements with your hands. The massage helps to calm your mind, and the scent signals to your brain that sleep is imminent.

Try: Plantopia Rest & Sleep Rest Assured Body Lotion, £20 – A rich, creamy moisture lotion with a beautiful lavender and bergamot-laden scent.

* Plantopia Market Research Ayton Study (May 2021)

** CIPHR Censuswide study, July 2021

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