21 Things That Happen When You Are Pregnant For The First Time

21 Things That Happen When You Are Pregnant For The First Time


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Finding out you're pregnant is one of the happiest moments of your life.

As soon as that vibrant blue line pops up in the miniscule pregnancy test window (confirming what you’ve probably known for weeks), your whole life takes on a new meaning and almost immediately things begin to change… and we’re not just talking about your body shape.

As well as your expanding waistline (time to embrace the stretchy-waistband), you’ll also be getting your head around the fact that your life is about to do a complete 180. Forever. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and trepidation about what lies ahead, but it’s also a time of huge excitement and anticipation. In just nine months’ time you’ll be meeting the biggest love of your life.

Here are just a few little things that you’ll probably encounter on the bumpy but brilliant road to motherhood.

1. The thrill of the secret

For a few weeks it’s just you and your partner that are privy to this very exciting life development. Yes, you’re growing a little human and no one else knows!

2. Say a fond farewell to your old friend, alcohol

In its place you’ll find yourself sipping on fizzy water, still water, flavoured water and other not very exciting tipples. That's when you're not holding a wine 'prop' during the first trimester, pretending you're definitely NOT pregnant to all of your friends.

3. The cravings

It’s out with the sushi and in with All Of The Carbs. Preferably deep fried or slathered in melted cheese. It makes up for all the lovely stuff you can’t have (we won’t upset you with the full list).

4. Morning sickness is a lie

For some, it’s not just mornings when you feel sick – it can be ALL THE TIME. FOR SEVEN MONTHS. But that’s just plain unlucky. Most of us perk up after the 12 week mark.

5. The tiredness

Oh the exhaustion… from doing absolutely nothing. It floors you from head to toe in the first and last trimesters but it’s also a very good excuse to kick back, eat, binge on bad telly and get those poor swollen feet up.

6. The first scan picture

You’ve seen a million of these grainy snaps on Facebook but they’re of other people’s children. When your own little human, the size of a bean, pops onto the screen you’ll weep tears of uncontrollable joy and love. You might also look at your partner and mouth ‘we made that’.

7. Staying in is the new going out

You used to be the life and soul of the party, the first at the bar and the last one on the dancefloor. Not anymore – it’s all about coming home straight from work, changing into some unsightly stretchy ensemble and lying down. Until it’s time to go to bed and lie down some more.

8. Google gone mad

Your Googling habits change almost overnight. Long gone are the days of browsing what's new in at Topshop - it's all about what type of fruit the baby can be compared to in terms of size each week, not to mention the endless search for some half decent maternity clothes and searching for answers to questions like ‘how sore is labour’?

9. Emotions

Before pregnancy you might have got a little narky around your time of the month. Pregnancy has a funny way of scrambling your brain and cranking your emotional sensors up to full tilt… forget crying at sad endings, everything will make you feel like a wet hankie. Kind gestures, snippy emails, your partner freezing the bagels that THEY WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO. Basically anything.

10. Baby brain

Prepare to forget things, a lot of things. Write everything down and forget about it, literally.

11. Babymoons

Your last excuse for a holiday without a small child and an avalanche of luggage. Lie by the pool draped in a kaftan, eat delicious food and read books, lots of books.

12. Moving - At All

Towards the end of pregnancy it’s a mission to do almost anything. Roll over, put your shoes on, walk any distance… but it’ll all be worth it.

13. The changes in your body

The swelling, the itchiness, the huge boobs. Your body takes on a life of its own which, yes, at times can be annoying, painful and very uncomfortable but it’s also kind of amazing.

14. Feeling the baby move

Probably one of the coolest, not to mention weirdest sensations, of your first pregnancy. There is now no denying that there is a human growing within… and it’s moving!

15. Commuting

You think it’s bad now. Wear your Baby on Board badge with pride and glare at anyone who won’t give up their seat.

16. Hello nice hair and skin

Once you’re past the initial stage, your hair, nails and skin take on a glorious new appearance. Bask in it.

17. Comments about your figure

When you’re pregnant, people think they have the right to comment on your size, big or small. And don’t even get us started on the weirdos that touch your tummy without asking. Hands off.

18. You'll get used to people in white coats prodding, poking and measuring all sorts

And did we mention the needles?! Even the biggest scaredycats (who, us?) soon get very used to the weekly invasion of your privacy.

19. Nesting

Polishing your front door, cleaning out every cupboard and drawer, sweeping places that you never knew existed pre-pregnancy – it all comes into sharp focus as the days draw in. Not to mention everything you’ll throw away or buy in haste (50 muslin cloths - is that even enough?)

20. The Fear

It is totally normal to feel nervous and overwhelmed by what lies just around the corner… Labour! Birth! Motherhood! Just keep telling yourself that you can do it (and you can!)

21. Feeling the love

Yes, you’ll shout at him and tell him he’s useless at least once during pregnancy but you’ll mostly just feel a big truckload of love for your baby daddy. And just wait until the baby arrives – it’s one gigantic love-in.

By Lisa Cowan

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