Chocolate Crisps Anyone? 18 Food Combinations That Shouldn’t Work But Do

Chocolate Crisps And Popcorn For Breakfast: Food Inventions We Like The Sound Of


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18 Food Combinations That Shouldn't Work But Do

1.Chocolate-covered Crisps1 of 18

1.Chocolate-covered Crisps

□Fab or fad? Whatever, these are Only in America.□□<>□□

2. Dark Chocolate + Parmesan2 of 18

2. Dark Chocolate + Parmesan

Blogger Elle assures us her melted cheese and chocolate toastie is ‘damn good.’ So do news blog Huffington Post. □□□□□□ □

3. Christmas Cake + Cheese3 of 18

3. Christmas Cake + Cheese

A tradition as old as the Pennines. According to blogger Stripey Anne it’s a ‘Yorkshire thing’.□□□

4. Popcorn + Milk4 of 18

4. Popcorn + Milk

We like this one. And safe to say it’s probably a lot better for us than Coco Pops. □□□□□

5. Popcorn + Mustard5 of 18

5. Popcorn + Mustard

If top chef Marcus Wareing is concocting recipes from this combination it gets our vote.□□□□□

6. Banana + Mayo6 of 18

6. Banana + Mayo

Furious debates in the blogosphere whether this combination works or not. Even top US chefs are joining in the debate.  □<>□□□

7. Doritos + Nutella7 of 18

7. Doritos + Nutella

Big, nutty, fanbase (geddit?), and a Facebook page devoted to the cause.

8. Strawberry Jam Sandwich And Cheese8 of 18

8. Strawberry Jam Sandwich And Cheese

Can’t see this one replacing the Great British fry up. But full marks for trying Chef Dennis.□□□□□ □□□

9. French fries + Vanilla Ice Cream9 of 18

9. French fries + Vanilla Ice Cream

We think we’ll take Scoopy Scoop’s word for it. And if you're the type to go heavyhanded on the vinegar  we think you shoudl give this a wide berth.□□□□□

10. Coffee + Salt10 of 18

10. Coffee + Salt

Apparently the Scandinavians do it, as do Turkish and Hungarians, and it reduces bitterness. □□□□□

11. Tonic + Salt11 of 18

11. Tonic + Salt

Salt has the same effect on reducing bitterness in tonic water too. Who knew?□□□□□

12. Meat + Aniseed12 of 18

12. Meat + Aniseed

According to chef Heston Blumenthal aniseed and star anise ‘intensifies the flavour of meat.’ □□□□

13. Guinness + Ice Cream13 of 18

13. Guinness + Ice Cream

This should put hairs on your chest. If that’s what you’re after. □ □□□□□

14. Grilled Cheese + Jam14 of 18

14. Grilled Cheese + Jam

The Grazia jury’s out on this one, but we can see it’s an acquired taste. □ □<> □□□□

15. Courgette + Lime15 of 18

15. Courgette + Lime

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall put these in a cake at his River Cottage, and we like the look of this one too from blog Katie’s Kitchen. □<Katie’s Kitchen>□

16. Coca-Cola + Chicken16 of 18

16. Coca-Cola + Chicken

Hot on the heels of Nigella’s Coco-Cola glazed ham, comes this hybrid.□□□□□□

17. White chocolate + Black Olives17 of 18

17. White chocolate + Black Olives

The salt in the olives has an amazing ability to bring out the sweetness of the chocolate.□<Now You’re Cooking>□□□□□

18. Ketchup + Banana18 of 18

18. Ketchup + Banana

Website Foodpairing – a website which chefs use to discover foods that go together, has found that bananas and ketchup are a scientific match made in heaven. Try this Almond Sponge Cake With Poached Bananas And Ketchup Icecream. □ □□<>□□□

We all have a food quirk, something we like to eat, that other people think is disgusting. And we're not just talking about pregnant ladies and their cravings. From peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches to pancakes with ketchup for example, when it comes to food, there are people out there who like the strangest pairings.

Occasionally though these weird flavour combinations make their way into the mainstream. Who'd have thought a few years ago we'd be buying salted caramel, or chilli, marmite and beer-infused chocolate? Or actually thinking it was perfectly acceptable to drizzle balsamic vinegar on our strawberries?

So what will be the next strange pairing to tempt our palette? We've done a roundup of some that are bubbling under around the interweb below, and while we're on the subject, we'd love you tell us your weird culinary discoveries. Promise we won't laugh... >>

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