10 Reasons We All Need A Thermomix Now

Thermomix, what is it and why we all need one now!


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Since Grazia's favourite foodie Daisy Lowe was seen on Instagram with a Thermomix we have all been wondering what it is and why it's the hottest kitchen gadget around. With the brand new model having just sold its millionth machine, we sent foodie writer Vic Grier to investigate what all the fuss was about.

What is it?

Thermomix is the ultimate cooking appliance with fans like Heston Blumenthal, James Martin and of course our fave Daisy Lowe. The Thermomix can stir, mix, blend, chop, weigh, grind, knead, whisk, simmer, emulsify, cook and steam all with one bowl and one blade (which means less washing up!) Thermomix is sexy and high tech with its touchscreen but incredibly simple with only one swivel button.

Daisy Lowe and her Thermomix on Instagram
Daisy Lowe and her Thermomix on Instagram

Why is it so special?

Every Thermomix now comes with a clever little Recipe Chip, which holds a cookbook of digital recipes that display on the touchscreen (which saves you splashing food on your iphone/ipad). Once you have plugged in the chip you can easily browse through recipes to find ideas and inspiration. Once you have chosen a recipe, the Guided Cooking feature provides step-by-step on-screen instructions. The Thermomix then pre-sets time, temperature and speed for each step, letting cooks just add the ingredients and follow the instructions on the display.

I'm a terrible cook, will it turn me into a mini Masterchef?

Yes! Once you get going with the Thermomix you become addicted to just how easy it is to make so many yummy things. Not only can you whip up your favourite ice-cream or smoothie, but because Thermomix also cooks you can make anything! The world is literally your oyster.

Family using Thermomix.
Thermomix  Chocolate and Raspberry Merigue Cake

So does it do everything?

Yes. You can make anything from cakes, risottos, curries, dough and pastry. The Thermomix also cuts down on your kitchen prep time as it peels garlic, grates cheese and grinds nuts.

Will it really change my life?

It will change the way you prepare food forever. This incredible piece of machinery acts as a blender, weighing scale, cooker, steamer, whisk and bread machine all in one. To sweeten the deal, once you have purchased a Thermomix you get a demonstration from a qualified advisor who will show you exactly what your new machine does and let you taste delicious recipes.

Where do I get one?

The Thermomix is so special you buy it directly from the manufacturers here. The Thermomix TM5 costs £925 and comes with the demonstration, the Basic Cookbook, the Recipe Chip with 166 digital recipes and a 2 year domestic warranty.

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