Zendaya’s Favourite £14 Toner Has Just Landed In The UK

You no longer have to smuggle it in from the US

Zendaya thayers witch hazel toner

by Laura Capon |

Zendaya is one of those people who are effortlessly cool and as uncool as this is to admit, we're desperate to replicate any part of her style, even if it is the tiniest bit.

As one of the most in-demand actors in the world right now, Zendaya will be spoilt for choice when it comes to beauty products. But while ever brand and their mother is queuing up to gift her, at least one part of her skincare routine is incredibly affordable.

In an 2017 post on her website, Zendaya shared that she used Thayers Rose water-based witch hazel to help keep her complexion clear, adding "It's really refreshing".

You may have heard of Thayers before as it's a cult skincare brand that was previously only available in the US. However thanks to the power of social media, the brand has finally launched here in the UK.

While other brands have come and gone, Thayers has been around for 175 years and focuses on an alcohol-free range of toners and mists which are cruelty free and contain 98% natural ingredients.

Their hero ingredients are witch hazel and aloe vera, both of which have a calming, anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin.

Witch hazel however is more suited to combo/oily skin types as it can help reduce breakouts and control excessive oil production.

Aloe vera meanwhile soothes and moisturises and can help with a number of skin irritations like sunburn.

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Zendaya thayers witch hazel toner
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While Zendaya's favourite is Rose Petal, there are varieties of toners to choose from: Rose Petal, Cucumber, Coconut Water and Unscented.

And best of all you no longer have to ask a friend to smuggle you in supplies from the US as you can now buy Thayers in Boots.

So while we can't help you become effortlessly cool, we can help you obtain Zendaya's skincare routine.

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