Zara McDermott’s Honesty About Her Surgery Is A Big Deal

No one should feel obliged to detail their tweakments or procedures but Zara's move to tell all is admirable...

Zara McDermott

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Zara McDermottof Made In Chelsea and Love Island fame took to YouTube this week in a video titled 'The Truth About My Surgery!' to disclose the details of a procedure she underwent back in November to reshape her breasts.

We're of the opinion that nobody should ever feel obliged to detail their procedures publicly, whether tweakments or surgeries, but few can deny that Zara's move to do so is both brave and admirable. Zara is no stranger to having her body shape scrutinised by social media followers. The reality TV star has often felt it necessary to take to her Instagram stories or grid to defend a picture of herself - and it seems that similar speculation led to her opening up on YouTube this week.

At the beginning of the video Zara says 'the most asked question I've ever got is "have you had a boob job?" and yes I did.' Later, Zara notes 'a lot of people were like "She's keeping it a secret!" and a lot of people were getting quite angry at me for not talking about it sooner but I wanted to wait until everything had healed before I did.'

Watch Zara McDermott's New YouTube Video: 'The Truth About My Surgery!'

Zara McDermott Details The Reasons Behind Her Recent Surgery

Zara McDermott is commendably candid in her YouTube video about the reasons she booked in for the surgery in November. 'I had been thinking about the surgery for a while, probably around a year and a half,' explains Zara. 'I lost a bit of weight about 18 months ago. I had a bit of a lifestyle revamp. I started eating healthier, exercising, being more mindful of my lifestyle.' Zara continues: 'I've always carried a lot of breast tissue towards the base, so the lower pole, and when I lost that bit of weight I ended up with quite a flat chest and a lot of breast tissue down there,' Zara gestures to the base of her breast. 'That meant that I would really have to hoick my breasts up to give myself any kind of shape or cleavage. They were never small they were just very imbalanced. That and I was starting to get more and more asymmetry.'

Zara moves on to note a separate medical concern that fed into her decision to explore surgery. 'I wouldn't have had a massive problem with wearing a bra with a little more padding to make them more symmetrical but I have a medical condition that I've had since I was about 15 and it's the bane of my life. I have two discs that are compressing a nerve in my neck, the ulnar nerve.' She says that this condition makes it impossible for her to wear straps that place a lot of pressure on a specific area of her shoulder. 'My fingers will go numb because the nerve is so volatile.'

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Zara Credits Her Chosen Surgeon By Name

'I met Matt Griffiths who is an incredible surgeon,' enthuses Zara. 'His attention to detail was amazing and I instantly felt so comfortable.' Zara goes on to detail her initial consultation with Matt. 'He asked me what I was looking for and I said I just want a little more volume where the volume should be. The lower part of my boobs I'm really happy with, they're great but I want them to be symmetrical and I want them to sit nicely. I don't want to have massive implants, I don't want things to look too fake, I want a nice, natural look.'

Zara's Take On The Results Of Her Surgery

Zara isn't shy when it comes to addressing the healing process post surgery. 'It's not pretty. I'm going to be real, I had a a few complications on my left side. I thought I'd thought it had become infected and I ended up having a stitch abscess, which was really stressful but it's really common with longer wounds,' Zara's surgeon performed a slight reduction to the lower side of her left breast, which made for a longer scar on the underside. 'I probably overexerted myself too.'

All in all though Zara is delighted with the results. 'I feel really comfortable and happy wearing whatever I want to wear. I'm not feeling anxious and paranoid or insecure and I think that, you know, maybe some of that does come from me and maybe I should think about not trying to be perfect all the time but this was something that was on my mind for a really long time.'

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Zara's frankness and honesty about a topic that most people prefer to keep private is not uncharacteristic for the reality TV star. But the response to the video shows that it is still rare for public personalities to talk so candidly about surgery. Instagram user @lottielamberrt took to her Instagram stories to praise Zara's video saying 'Your YouTube video and honesty has helped me with something I've been worried about for years, I salute your honesty.'

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