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WIN MZ Skin Beauty Sleep Set

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Over 15 years in practice as one of the UK’s most well-respected surgeons allowed Dr. Zamani to gain an innate understanding of her clients, how they live and exactly what they wanted from their regime. This first- hand insight led to Zamani creating a range of products with unrivalled performance using scientifically-proven ingredients of the highest possible calibre.

The MZ Skin range originated as a result of necessity. Before the arrival of MZ Skin, there existed the concept that a range of high-performance skincare, clinically endorsed by trained skincare professionals, had to somehow compromise the luxury of appearance and any sensory experience. The idea that ‘beauty’ had to be replaced by ‘functionality’ appeared to be the norm. Dr. Zamani believes there no longer needs to be this compromise.

MZ Skin is an alchemy of medically based know-how, feminine passion, and determination. It has been a journey of research and innovation, teamed with pioneering ingredients and established, trusted actives, to deliver the essence of beautiful skin – luminosity in simple synergist combinations. Created in partnership, woman to woman to Reveal, Enhance and Protect.

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Products included in the Beauty Sleep Set:


MZ Skin Beauty Sleep Set

Retinol Skin Booster – RRP £2101 of 3

Retinol Skin Booster – RRP £210

This lightweight night serum utilises the skin-renewing power of retinol to re-build, smooth and repair the skin's surface. Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and is highly regarded for its youthful properties. Encapsulation helps target skin cells where it would provide most benefit and enhances skin penetration. With a high strength of 2%, this transformative ingredient helps increase the rate of skin turnover, as it amplifies collagen production and protects against free radicals for younger-looking, more radiant skin.BENEFITS:• Clinically proven to reduce fine lines by 43% after 8 weeks.• Smooths and re-builds skin's surface to combat signs of ageing• Improves texture, tone and pigmentation• Boosts collagen production to improve skin's strength, elasticity and firmness by 17% after 8 weeks.• Aids skin's natural repair system and increases hydration by 18% after 8 weeks.

Replenish & Restore - RRP £2552 of 3

Replenish & Restore - RRP £255

This lush night mask combines groundbreaking science with innovative formulations to nourish, detoxify, and brighten skin. Infused with nutrient-rich placenta and phyto stem cells, it repairs the complexion and stimulates growth factors to boost collagen and elastin – keys to youthful-looking skin. Wake up with hydrated and firm skin that lasts throughout the day and beyond.BENEFITS: • Helps organize structure of the cellular matrix to redensify skin contour • Protects collagen and encourages elastin production as it hydrates and firms skin • Fights free radicals and helps boost skin's renewal process with a rich combination of Vitamins A, E, and F.

Rest & Revive – RRP £1103 of 3

Rest & Revive – RRP £110

Look fresh and revitalised with this intelligent night serum. Contains an innovative blend of ovine placenta and stem cells combined with peptides to detoxify, strengthen and repair the skin during its nightly rejuvenation. Stimulates collagen and elastin, replenishes moisture to plump and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Results in revived, hydrated skin and an even skin tone.BENEFITS: • Clinically proven to decrease wrinkle depth up to 14.4% after 1 month • 100% of patients reported improved skin smoothness • Clinical studies also show that skin is 20% more hydrated after 30 days • Plantago extract stimulates collagen and elastin and reduces the appearance of hyper-pigmentation

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