Everything You Wanted To Know About Waxing

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by Rebecca Cox |

Still searching for the right hair removal method for you? Have you considered ditching the razor in favour of waxing?

Let’s start at the very beginning (it’s a very good place to start). We spoke to the waxing experts at Benefit to give us the low-down on what it involves…

“Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal that plucks right from the root. Unlike shaving, you’re not left with stubble or the need to repeat the process 24 hours later.

Does waxing reduce hair growth?

“It can last from anything between two to eight weeks depending on two things; the speed of the hair growth cycle and the previous method of hair removal. So don’t crave and shave! When you continue to wax, the blood supply to the root of the hair is weakened and therefore the hairs become lighter in colour, less coarse and sometimes the hair doesn’t even grow back at all. Hooray!”

Does waxing hurt?

Waxing isn’t the most painless of methods – it involves literally ripping the hair from your skin, so there is some discomfort involved. But it can be kept to a minimum.

Our friends at Benefit tell us: “The more you wax the less painful the experience. At Benefit we recommend a hot wax rather than strip wax. Hot wax coats the hairs and doesn’t stick to the skin, meaning the removal is a lot softer and kinder on the skin and therefore less painful.”

Because of its long-lasting results, waxing is one of the most popular forms of hair removal for the bikini line – meaning that pre-holiday salon visits are extremely common. Benefit recommend getting your first wax of the season at least three months before a holiday though, to ensure long-lasting results. Once you’re in a regular pattern, booking a wax once a month should be about right to keep you hair-free.

You should also avoid shaving in between waxes, and avoid the sun for 48 hours after your treatment to avoid burning.

Waxing at home

You can, of course, give yourself a wax from the comfort of your own bathroom using either oh-so-simple waxing strips or a microwave hot wax treatment.

We rate Veet’s waxing strips (£6.29, Superdrug, especially for delicate areas like face and bikini line, while the Rio hot waxing kit (£39.99, Boots) gives salon-like results once you’ve mastered the technique.

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