5 Things Your Waxing Technician Wishes You Knew

5 Things Your Waxing Technician Wishes You Knew


by Grazia |

A wax might not be up there with our favourite beauty appointments - they haven't exactly got the same relaxation properties as a facial, now have they. But if you do book in regularly to stay smooth - wax on, wax off needn't be something to dread.

Here are a few tips you might not know, as told by the fastest (and our favourite) waxing technicians, to help your waxing appointments go a little more smoothly from now on.

1. Prep is key

While your waxing technicians speed and care will obviously influence how smooth the finished results are, it also relies a little on your prep. Exfoliating the area for a few days prior to your appointment is key. As Vanya Volovse, Aveda Wax Specialist, explains 'Gentle exfoliation a couple of days before your appointment is extremely important; this will remove dead skin cells and in turn will help to prevent in-grown hairs as it encourages surface skin cell renewal and encourages any hairs that may be tucked under top layers of skin to be removed.'

For sensitive skin she recommends Aveda Outer Peace Blemish Relief Pads (£24) which naturally exfoliate the skin.

2. Say no to shaving between appointments

If you can possibly avoid it, stick with just waxing. 'Hair grows in cycles so it is imperative that you don’t shave in between appointments as this will mean that you undo the work of previous waxes,' says Vanya. 'One of the benefits of waxing is that hair grows back finer over time so shaving between or not keeping up regular appointments can mean that you may not reap the same benefits that someone who waxes regularly,' she explains.

3. Your hair has an optimum waxing length

If you're wondering how long to wait between waxes, your hair length is a good guide. While Vanya says checking in with your waxer every four to six weeks is the average 'to achieve best results and work in line with the growth cycle of your hair.' She says that 'as a general rule hair needs to be approximately 1cm long.'

4. Pick the right time of the month

If you tend to organise your appointments around your plans and events, have a rethink, as planning around your menstrual cycle could save you a lot of pain. 'It is no secret that we are at our most sensitive just before our time of month,' Vanya reminds us. 'So try and avoid booking your waxes then and instead book for somewhere in the middle of your cycle.'

5. Loungwear is your friend post-wax

You're likely to be a little sensitive after a wax so sticking to loose-fitting clothes post appointment will help you and your skin feel a lot more comfortable. Lainey Everett, one of London's fastest waxers explains"Wear loose clothing when possible after your waxing session to avoid excess friction, particularly after intimate waxing."

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