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Victoria Beckham’s Favorite Beauty Brand Has Admitted Writing Fake Positive Reviews Online

© Sunday Riley

'We were forced to write fake online reviews for our products on an ongoing basis'

There’s drama roiling to a boil at celebrity-favourite beauty brand Sunday Riley. One ex-employee wrote a tell-all on Reddit. ‘Sunday Riley is majorly vindictive.’ They wrote, ‘I’m sharing this because I’m no longer an employee there and they are one of the most awful places to work’.

Victoria Beckham, Cameron Diaz and Helen Mirren are among the many celebrities that have pledged allegiance to this botanical skincare line. While products like their retinoid oil Luna and their Ceramic Slip clay mask don’t come cheap (a travel-sized enzyme cream starts at £20), they do come with a cult following. Supposedly. With Sephora reviews for the most in-demand products racking up 30,000 ‘loves’, you would think this was the case. However, in the Reddit user's explosive statement it’s been revealed that employees, ‘were forced to write fake reviews for our products on an ongoing basis, which came direct from Sunday Riley herself and her Head of Sales.’

To add salt to the situation, they included an email from the company titled ‘Homework Time’. It asks staff to write three reviews for the Saturn acne treatment mask - all positive, of course - specifically counteracting any negative points made by legitimate comments. To fool Sephora into thinking these are real reviews, employees are advised to use a VPN and create separate profiles and to make the accounts believable they also need to review three or four non-Sunday Riley products too.

These breadcrumbs were too substantial for Sunday Riley to deny and today the company corroborated the Reddit email via Instagram. ‘The simple and official answer to this Reddit post is that yes, this email as sent by a former employee to several members of our company’, they said, continuing, ‘There are a lot of reasons for doing that, including the fact that competitors will often post negative reviews of products to swing opinion’.

Consider this tea officially split.