The Spring Skin Report: 5 New Beauty Trends To Freshen Up Your Face For The New Season

Think fresh, flattering and pleasingly easy to achieve – pro make-up artist, Nikki Wolff shows you how to put your best face forward for Spring

Grazia Beauty Shoot

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Make-up artist Nikki Wolff is renowned for doling out glowing skin, and if we're to go by her staggering 1.2 million followers on Instagram, it's clear that there are throngs of people who are keen to learn exactly how she does it. Her range is astounding. Graphic looks? No problem. Flawless skin? It's fair to say that's her forte. It's no wonder that the A-list high flyers trust her with their faces.

Here, Nikki talks Grazia through this season's base trends, and lends her coveted make-up artistry to an eye-catching shoot.

Shoot part sponsored by Guerlain.

Believable Bronze

What makes this season’s base trends stand out is the wearability factor – focusing first and foremost on healthy looking skin. ‘This unified, sun-swept bronze is instantly more natural looking,’ promises Nikki. ‘Simply take your bronzer past the usual points of cheekbones and temples, sweeping the same colour across the eye socket and even down onto the shoulders. This way, no matter what you’re wearing [for example, anything collarbone-baring], it doesn’t look like lots of make-up, but rather an all-over, natural looking glow.’ In terms of formulations, Nikki ‘loves the effect of a liquid, cream or tint.’

Grazia Beauty Shoot
©Billie Scheepers

Faking It

The beloved Instagram filter, only better - and far more realistic. ‘Whatever you use on your brows is usually a good tone for creating your own faux freckles. So, take your brow pencil or brow gel and eyeliner brush, and dot softly across the nose and upper cheeks. Next, tap over the dots with your finger, and continue tapping along where the sun hits. As well as blending, this technique picks up a little of the product and re-distributes it, resulting in an imprint of a freckle that ends up looking far softer,’ advises Nikki.

Grazia Beauty Shoot
©Billie Scheepers

Gloss Over

If you want to amp up the glam factor of your natural bronze look, add a gloss into the mix. ‘Taking a gloss over the eyes and lips, leaving the cheekbones as before, will give you a more full-impact effect with minimal effort and maximum results,’ promises Nikki.

Grazia Beauty Shoot
©Billie Scheepers

Baby Blush

Forget '80s draping and high-shimmer powders – this is feel-good blusher for the wellness era; one that makes you look like you’ve spent the weekend cramming in antioxidants and yoga sessions. For this, Nikki favours cream blush formulas for their ease and flexibility. ‘Simply take your two middle fingers, press onto the hollows of your cheeks and blend up from there. Placing here – as opposed to up the cheekbones – gives you that post-workout glow that looks like it’s come from within. Reserve your cheekbones for bronzer and highlighter,’ advises Nikki.

Grazia Beauty Shoot
©Billie Scheepers

Just Dew It

The last year has seen a wave of new-gen highlighters hit the shelves – ones that swerve Instagram-level shimmer in favour of a balmy, dewy shine. Incredibly easy to scribble over cheekbones, they work wonders for making skin look instantly energised and fresh. ‘Just don’t forget the skincare prep,’ cautions Nikki. ‘It’s absolutely the first and most important step to achieving a true healthy-looking glow. If your skin texture isn’t hydrated before applying your base, you won’t be able to achieve the radiance you’re aiming for.’

Shoot part sponsored by Guerlain, Photographer: Billie Scheepers, Beauty Director & words: Joely Walker, Make-up: Nikki Wolff at The Wall Group, Hair: Stephen Low, Nails: Michelle Humphrey at LMC Worldwide, Production & casting: Emma Stoddart, Models: Abigayl Anderson at Hive Models & Victoria Tuaz at Elite.

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