The Spa Spy Reveals Top 10 Beauty Treatments Loved By The Stars

The Spa Spy Reveals Top 10 Beauty Treatments Loved By The Stars


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10 best celebrity beauty treatments

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1. Intraceuticals Rejuvenation Infusion Facial
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The u2018magical’ Intraceuticals machine is used to pump LWM Hyalunronic Acid (which can hold up to 1000 times itu2019s weight in moisture) into the skin followed by essential vitamin serums to plump and lift the skin.Fans of the brand: Include Katy Perry, Eva Longoria and Justin Timberlake. Madonna and Victoria Beckham are thought to love it so much that they have purchased their very own Intraceutical machinesu2026The Low Down: I could easily become addicted to this facial. It has instant results and leaves your skin looking plump and lifted. For me, a complete revelation in non-invasive skincare! Results last around a week to 10 days.

2. Acupuncture, Cupping & Lifestyle by Joshi
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Loved and trusted by the A-list (I can see why, heu2019s got kind eyes – the sort you trust) Joshi has been a prominent figure on the holistic side of Harley Street for years (he used to treat Princess Diana). The Joshi Clinic offer a complete u2018life overhaul’ using a bespoke combination of diet, holistic and alternative therapies.Joshiu2019s fans include: Gwyneth Paltrow and Ralph Fiennes.The Low Down: As a sufferer myself Iu2019m reluctant to recommend anxiety treatments but after a 30 minute taster of anti-anxiety acupuncture I did leave feeling a lot more relaxed. I may need to investigate furtheru2026

3. Bespoke Manicures by Trish Lomax
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Top session manicurist Trish Lomax is the number one u2018go to’ for A-listers and luxury brands wanting the u2018perfect natural manicureu2019. Her bespoke treatments include a consultation, sanitization, file and cuticle prep followed by a nail replenish then polish and finish. She uses a combination of top brands such as CND, Essie, Mavala and Dior and Chanel. Her treatments are always completed with an intensive anti-ageing or nutritive Sisley hand massage.Trishu2019s fans include: Uma Therman, Penelope Cruise and Marion Cotillard.The Low Down: I left with perfect naturally manicured star-standard paws and very relaxed and rejuvenated hands!

4. Hariu2019s Aromatherapy Associates Hair Treatment
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Hariu2019s quirky buzzing Kings Road salon is a fave amongst beauty editors, fashionistas and celebrities. Heu2019s teamed up with one of my favourite brands, Aromatherapy Associates, to create an intense glossing hair treatment. The treatment includes a hair mask, aroma steam, relaxing back and shoulder massage and a wonderful bouncy and silky-smooth blow-dry.Hariu2019s fans include: Sienna Miller, Jemima Khan, Goldie Hawn and Catherine Zeta Jones.The Low Down: Completely de-stressed with glossy bouncing locks, I left feeling like an A-lister myself!

5. Bold Brows at Blink Brows VIP bar Selfridges
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Brow shapes really can give an u2018instant lift’ to the whole face. Thanks to u2018the perfection that is Cara Du2019, bold groomed brows are huge right now. Carau2019s brows are so loved that they have their very own Twitter account. Blink Brow Bars are scattered across the country but the stars choose privacy at the Blink VIP bar in Selfridges. The Bold Brow Treatment includes a thread, tint and perfecting finishing pencil. They also teach you how to create the perfect eyebrows at home.Fans include: Emma Watson and Patsy Kensit.The Low Down: Not as perfect as Carau2019s (that would be impossible) but a clean arch, well-groomed and heavily penciled brow certainly created a u2018Cara-esque’ look.

6. Haute Couture Facial and N-Tox by Linda Meredith
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In the waiting room of Linda Meredithu2019s Knightsbridge salon the walls are packed full with signed photos of her A-list clients. Itu2019s no surprise that her N-Tox treatment is said to be the most popular alternative to Botox on the market today. Teamed with the Haute Couture Facial sheu2019s created a complete anti-ageing treatment.The Low Down: The lines on my forehead dramatically reduced but started to sneak back within a few days. I may have to purchase her N-Tox cream as it did seem to have a positive effectu2026Lindau2019s fans include: Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Rosamund Pike, Kate Beckinsdale, Julia Roberts, Renee Zellweger

7. Hydra Facial by Dr Rita Rakus
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Dubbed The London Lip Queen and a regular face on our TV screens Dr Rita looks even more incredible in the flesh! Her most popular non-invasive treatment is The Hydra Facial. It uses a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells followed by antioxidant serums to reduce fine lines and tighten the skin.The Low Down: I tried this treatment on my neck and decolitage and it did have a wonderfully tightening and lifting effect. Again, it wore off after a few days but a course of six treatments is recommended for a longer lasting effect.Dr Ritau2019s fans include: Amanda Holden, Karen Brady.

8. Teresa Tarmey Bespoke Facials
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The Primrose Hill set donu2019t like to venture too far from their hood. Luckily Teresa Tarmey has a serene space for them to stroll to - just up the road in Belsize Park. After a consultation and skin assessment- using top brands such as Skin Ceuticals and Priory, she creates u2018skin specific’ bespoke facials. A perfect u2018one stop shop’ for the stars she also offers Laser Hair Removal, LED, Lymphatic Drainage and Iu2019ve heard she also does a mean massage!Fans include: Carey Mulligan, Eliza Doolitle, Daisy Lowe, Freida Pinto.The Low Down: Feeling a bit puffy I opted for Lymphatic Drainage and was actually amazed with the instant results. My skin felt lighter, smooth, fresh and glowing!

9. James Read Tan
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The number one man for the perfect tan - James is in high demand from his celeb clients and the fashion crowd. Heu2019s the number one u2018go to’ on speed dial when A-listers and designers are in need of an emergency tan. As well as his flagship salon in Harvey Nics, he has a u2018tasting menu’ at Agua at The Sanderson in London. James travels the world working on fashions shows and shoots and does special home visits for his A-listers. Heu2019s renowned for creating a natural healthy glow.Fans include: Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Lady Gaga, Gemma Arterton.The Low Down: What it says on the tin! Left me with flawless and natural looking glowing tan.

10. Jones & Payne u2018Sombre’ Colour Treatment
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And Finallyu2026. Sophy Robson Nail Art at Hariu2019
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OK, OKaaay, this isnu2019t strictly u2018a treatment’ but, Sophy - dubbed The Nail Queen - does such fabulous designs that I thought Iu2019d share.Fans include: Paloma Faith, Kate Moss and Alicia Keys The Low Down: I havenu2019t tried this one but Iu2019ve seen her creations and they are fab!

Lisa Stokes of is back with her latest blog on all things pampering...

It’s no secret that the A-list are super-preened and airbrushed to perfection on the billboards and covers of the glossies. But, to be honest - in my experience as a celebrity make up artist - most of them are pretty well-prepped canvases. It’s clear they invest time enhancing their smooth skin, glossy locks and manicured paws, but where and by whom?

Unless they’re endorsing for the mega-beauty-bucks it’s almost impossible to get the low down. So, because I believe we’re ALL worth it, I took to the streets of London to investigate. I found that trends in treatments are on the turn. Celebrities are moving away from the syringe (thank the Lord), embracing the wonderful, ever evolving, non-invasive alternatives and taking a more natural approach to their beauty regimes. ‘N-Tox’ is the new black. ‘Sombre’ is the new coral.

Click through the gallery above to see my top ten beauty haunts, products and treatments loved by the stars.

Words: Lisa Stokes

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