Sophie Hermann Reveals Her All-Time Favourite Hair, Beauty And Skin Treatments

From microneedling to Botox and her go-to colourist, the Made In Chelsea star shares exactly what treatments she'll be booking in for post-Lockdown

Sophie Hermann Beauty Treatments

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With the latest government announcement that salons and hairdressers can (if things go to plan) finally reopen their doors on the 12th April, Made In Chelsea's Sophie Hermann is beyond excited. 'I can't wait,' says Sophie, 'I love the spa.' Self-confessed skincare junkie and regular spa-goer, Sophie knows a thing or two about the best spa's in London. From microneedling to Botox and her go-to colourist, the reality TV star shares exactly what treatments she'll be booking in for post-Lockdown. Our advice? Take note.

On Her Go-To Aesthetic Treatments

Asides from her go-to facials (more on those later), Sophie frequents DMC Aesthetics in Chelsea for her more invasive treatments. ‘They do my laser hair removal with the cool laser,’ she says, ‘it’s great and I’m in desperate need of a top up. They also do Botox and fillers, and they do it really well.’ On the subject of injectables, Sophie admits she has had her fair share of bad experiences in the past. ‘From really pouty lips to over-filled cheeks and injections under my eyes – I’ve learned over time what Doctors and treatments work for me,’ says Sophie, ‘Dr Dagmara at DMC Aesthetics is amazing, her philosophy is less is more.’

‘From really pouty lips to over-filled cheeks and injections under my eyes – I’ve learned over time what Doctors and treatments work for me.'

Despite her preference for subtle results, Sophie doesn’t shy away from talking openly about her tweakments. ‘I’ve had two nose jobs, my first when I was 24 years old, I have Botox and fillers,’ she admits. ‘I like it when I can move my forehead a little a bit, so I have Botox strategically placed here and here,’ she says while pointing to the outer side of her eyebrows and just between the middle of her brows. Her top tip? ‘Don’t get Botox across the entire forehead – I used to, and it would make my brows appear lower down and straight,’ which she says resulted in her having to push her eyebrow up during filming to look surprised.

Another favourite of Sophie’s is Santi Spa in South Kensington. ‘Tariq, the owner, mixes his own concoctions of acid peels that are less aggressive than most. You look fresh, as if you’ve just hatched out of an egg – as opposed to Samantha Jones in Sex and the City.’ A word of caution? ‘Avoid peels in summer as your skin can become sensitised to light.’

On Her Favourite Spas

‘I’m actually an ambassador for the Corinthia and it’s my number one spa in London, it’s so beautiful. They have a mixed area, and the Germans love to mix. But they also have a women’s area the size of my apartment with a separate steam room and sauna for those who don’t.’

At the Corinthia, Sophie’s go-to treatment is the Dr Barbara Sturm Super Anti-Ageing Facial, £365, which incorporates facial massage with microneedling to boost collagen and elastin while working ingredients like hyaluronic acid deep into the skin. ‘This is the first treatment I’ll have after Lockdown,’ says Sophie, who first introduced Dr Barbara Sturm to the Corinthia four years ago before her products and treatments landed on the spa menu.

‘I’m also an ambassador for the Lanserhof,’ adds Sophie, which is a medical resort based in Germany that's also now available in London. ‘They’re opening a new clinic at the end of this year in Sylt, which is a little island that’s like the Hamptons of Germany, and I cannot wait to visit.’ The resort in Germany takes a holistic medical approach using doctors and specialists to create a bespoke program for the individual that will help promote a healthy lifestyle – ‘athletes go there, and I go there,’ Sophie laughs.

Another hot spot? ‘The Linnaean in Battersea is absolutely stunning,’ she says, ‘the interior is like a mix between Annabel’s [restaurant in Mayfair] and a ’60s salon with big pink hairdryers and they also offer Dr Barbara Sturm,’ a must for Sophie.

On Her Brushed-Up Brows And Ultimate Nail Colour

‘I get my eyebrows laminated, tinted, threaded…everything,’ says Sophie who’s go-to spot is the Brow Bar in Eccleston Yards.

For nails, Sophie loves to mix it up but her if she had to choose one colour it would be OPI red – ‘it’s such a classic and it goes with everything.’ Also hot on the latest nail trends, ‘I love the new French manicure look where you have a bright colour like a popping red or mint green on the tips.’

On Her Beloved Hairdressers

‘My absolute number one hair god in London is Limoz Logli on Chelsea Manor Street,’ says Sophie, ‘I don’t let anyone else touch my colour. He is so talented and not only is he a hairdresser, but he’s a painter and a gardener, too.’

‘Although I get baby lights and highlights everywhere, Limoz doesn’t bleach it and my hair has never been in such good condition.’ Back in the early days of filming Made In Chelsea, Sophie confesses she’d always wear clip in extensions for that ‘mermaid look’. ‘I personally don’t like that style anymore and my hair is so much healthier now.’

Over on haircuts, Sophie is ready to try a new look once the salons reopen. ‘I want to get more of a fringe,’ she says, ‘I actually tried a DIY cut over Zoom with Limoz and made the front section shorter. But I want to get more of a Brigitte Bardot fringe, that can be parted and is still long enough to go into a ponytail.’

On Steam Rooms And Made In Chelsea

‘I’m just looking forward to filming. We’re leaving on Monday to the Wilderness Reserve which is where we’re filming Made In Chelsea for the next three weeks. It’s the only place that has a steam room and a sauna and everything is open for us.'

‘My spa partner at the Corinthia is Fredrik Ferrier and we just love a steam, when other people collapse around us – we’re still talking,’ laughs Sophie.

On Life After Lockdown

As well as booking in for her go-to treatments, Sophie is looking forward to returning to the gym. ‘I miss the regularity and routine of going to classes like KXU and yoga,’ says Sophie. ‘Yoga at home is just not the same, I miss the group vibe and I’d never thought I’d say this, but I miss chanting one loud Om together – it’s the little things.’

One routine Sophie introduced during Lockdown and plans to maintain after, is facial steaming. ‘I bought this facial steamer from Amazon and it’s great,’ she says, ‘I apply my hyaluronic acid serum, turn the steamer on and then start micro needling with my roller – the steam opens up your pores while the derma roller pushes the ingredients further in.’


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