Skincare Tips From A Male Model: Bikram Yoga, Crème de la Mer And Percy Pigs

Skincare Tips From A Male Model: Bikram Yoga, Crème de la Mer And Percy Pigs


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Male models are employed to look gorgeous and don’t even have the benefit of a smoky eye or a bright lip to help. This male model, BB, has danced with Alexandra Burke, modelled in James Tudor campaigns and starred in reality TV show Dirty, Sexy, Things. He’s also got the most glowing skin we’ve ever seen. We had to get him to tell us his beauty secrets.

What's your everyday beauty routine?

I wash my face with L'Oréal 2 in 1, Face Wash and Mask. I’ll use it as a wash four days a week and a mask on the other three. Then I’ll use a dermatological face scrub again twice a week. I apply either Bio Oil or Palmers Shea Butter formula as a face cream. It works wonders. I used to use Crème de la Mer, but since I swapped to Palmers my skin has never looked better.

Do you eat healthily?

I try to eat very healthily, being a vegetarian helps. I usually have bran flakes or porridge in the morning. I am not opposed to eating bread. I think it helps my diet and keeps me going. I do like the odd treat such as gelatine free Percy Pigs from Marks and Spencer. I think if you don't indulge every now and again it makes you miserable.

What exercise do you do?

I run at least 4 times a week. Practice Bikram Yoga and Rollerblade. With modelling I find I have to maintain a certain body type so I don’t do weights at the gym.

What's your worst habit?

My worst habit is telling myself it’s okay to indulge! I love madeira cake and a glass of milk.

Is there anything special you do to prepare for a shoot?

Preparing for a shoot I will always drink a load of water the day before and have a nice 45 minute run in the morning. Music also helps to relax me

Which products do you love?

I love Crème de le Mer. It's very pricy and I’ve stopped using it but I did enjoy it very much. I can't live without Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.**


**What's the best beauty tip you've ever been given? **

I am repeatedly told to drink water as it's great for the skin and after a few years of rolling my eyes at those who said it I now find it’s the best tip I've been given. Another tip is using a few drops of olive oil and rubbing it into your scalp. It works wonders for keeping hair healthy and growing.

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