Rochelle Humes Swears By This Supplement To Keep Her Skin Glowing

This smart powder can be added to coffee, smoothies or water and has untold skin benefits

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While the world of supplements and collagen is a murky one, there are plenty of brands who cut through the noise and deliver on their promises. Case in point? The Australian brand JSHealth, loved by celebs including Millie Mackintosh and most recently, Rochelle Humes.

Both have extolled the virtues of the Vitality X+ Collagen Powder, £38.24, Yes, yes, the eagle-eyed will have noticed that it was indeed an #ad, but digging will tell you that this is a brand with its roots firmly in science, health and innovation. The founder, Jessica Sepel, is a qualified nutritionist. Any scientific claims made in Australia must be backed by thorough evidence, and Sepel's products meet all the quotas. Rochelle is a fan of the collagen powder in particular.

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It's a sustainably sourced marine collagen powder, derived from 100% pure cod skin. This type of collagen (categorised as type 1, for those in the know) is more effective than other collagen sources on the market (like bovine and porcine). There are multiple factors at play that make this collagen powder a standout, but the most notable is that this is activated through a hydrolyzation process. In layman's terms? The hydrolyzation 'wakes up' the collagen and activates is, meaning ultimately, you absorb more of the good stuff.

One thing we do know is that collagen is something we all want more of. More collagen? Think more glow; more 'bounce'; fewer fine lines; stronger skin. There are a whole host of other nutrients and vitamins packed in there, too, that shouldn't be overlooked. Think vitamin C (for immunity), L-Glutamine (for better gut health), and Quercetin (to support tissue and skin structure). And that's just a few...

The best part might just be that you can slot this powder into your routine without even really thinking about it. You can shop JSHealth's Collagen Powder, below. Skincare never tasted so good.

Shop: JSHealth's Collagen Powder


SHOP: JSHealth Collagen Powder

JSHealth Vitality X + Collagen Powder, £38.241 of 1

JSHealth Vitality X + Collagen Powder, £38.24

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