Apparently We’ve Been Applying Deodorant The Wrong Way

Apparently, We've Been Applying Deodorant Wrong


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Breaking deodorant news (yes, that's a thing). Apparently we've been applying deodorant the wrong way, since forever.

Apparently, odour-masking deodorant should be applied before bed, rather than in the morning. Chris Plante from The Verge decreed the new deodorant rules this week:

"On clinical strength antiperspirant, and on countless health websites, you will find this simple, easy, seemingly illogical advice: apply antiperspirant right before you go to bed" he revealed.

He says it's because anti-perspirant works by blocking the sweat glands in your underarms, to stop moisture escaping. If you apply it overnight, the deodorant can 'sink in' and block the sweat glands properly.

If you apply it in the morning, your body is a higher temperature and more sweaty - making it harder for your deodorant to work!

It would involve completely shaking up your routine, deodorant wise - but would you give it a try? Tweet us @grazia_live.

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