The 10 Best Products To Treat Psoriasis

No need to fear Cara Delevingne...


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In shock news, model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne is set to cut her catapulting career short due to skin condition psoriasis. Revealing in a candid interview with W Magazine, the young starlet reveals that her condition only worsened during Fashion Week, which of course for any model is ‘the worst time to be covered in scabs’.

Dr. Desai, a consultant dermatologist at the London Bridge Hospital, further explains that:

‘Psoriasis is a skin condition where skin cells are produced faster than normal, causing red scaly patches that can involve any part of the skin including the scalp and nails’

Luckily for Cara Delevingne she has celeb pals Rihanna and Kate Moss to lean on for support (Kate Moss even booked her an appointment with the doctor, aw!) and she’s most definitely talented enough to turn her hand to other things – we foresee a glittering acting career. Though psoriasis is a common skin condition, best treated by a doctor, there are many over the counter products that can work wonders.

Browse the gallery below to see our top 10 picks for psoriasis.


Don't Fear, Cara Delevingne! Here Are The 10 Best Products To Treat Psoriasis

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