Turns Out, ‘Baking’ Now Has Nothing To Do With Cake

Here's Why 'Baking' Is One Weird Beauty Trend You'll Want To Try

makeup baking technique

by Grazia |

Contouring is passé. Strobing is just highlighting. So what’s the next big make-up trend that’s taking the internet by storm? Baking, that's what. And sadly for those of who were hoping for some witty banter over a Victoria sponge, it's got nothing to do with Mary Berry.

‘Baking’ originally rose out of the world of drag queens, who often employ this technique to keep their make-up looking immaculate and in-place for long periods of time.

But you can thank it’s more recent meteoric rise to Mrs Kim Kardashian West. Or, to be more exact, to a central member of her glam squad, Mario Dedivanovic, who does her make-up for almost everything (and coincidentally has 1.2 million followers on Instagram).

Why would Mario want to use such a technique on his most high-profile client, you ask? Baking, in addition to setting make-up, can apparently create a flawless finish, even under the harsh lights of the paparazzi's flashbulbs. Wherever you bake will also be highlighted, making it perfect for bringing out cheekbones - or so we're told. Basically, the idea is to look like you're permanently wearing your most favourite and flattering Instagram filter.

Intrigued? Here's the recipe: after applying your normal make-up, you add a thick, thick coat of light-coloured powder with a powder puff under the eyes, or the tops of cheekbones or the bridge of your nose, and leave it to 'bake' for anywhere between ten minutes to half an hour. Then, sweep away with the excess with a brush.

But, dear reader, bake with caution. Many make-up artists have been quick to slam the practice – the theory being, if applying powder normally can make lines and wrinkles more pronounced, how much more so do you think a thick coat will make them? We reckon this is one best saved for Instagram - or when you're running from the paps, naturally. Still interested? Check out the tutorial below...

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