Is This £4 Serum The Secret To That Love Island Glow? Sales Have Shot Up By 54% Since The Start Of The Series

Make like Ekin-Su and add to basket asap

love island glowing skin

by Laura Capon |

The finale of Love Island is always bitter sweet. Bitter in the sense that what are we expected to do with our lives now we don't have Ekin-Su one-liners to quote, but sweet in the fact we can now restart our own date nights.

For the finale, Ekin-Su, Gemma, Indiyah and Tasha were all glowing and thanks to some intel, we know the exact affordable serum that's been giving their skin a boost.

As the sponsor of this year's series, Boots stocked the villa and the Islanders with every possible beauty product they could ever need and with so much at their disposal, a £4 serum is the one that caught their eye.

For £4, Boots own Glow Dewy Serum contains glycerin and sodium hyaluronate (a derivative of hyaluronic acid that does the same job).

These ingredients are known as humectants, which draw water to the top layer of skin, either from the environment or deeper layers of your epidermis.

Dry or dehydrated skin lacks glow, which is why using a serum with humectants is so important, but for best results, it's always best to layer with an emollient which traps that added moisture in.

Emollients are thicker and typically found in your cream moisturiser. So just make sure you have both in your evening routine.


love Island glowing skin
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So while we can't give you £50,000 or your perfect match, we can help you achieve the gift of glowing skin and let's be honest, you'd rather have that than Luca, right?

Yeah. Thought as much.

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