Liz Loves… Hair Bows, Baby Skin And A Proper Breakfast

Liz Loves... Hair Bows, Baby Skin And A Proper Breakfast

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by Daniela Morosini |
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_Say hello to Liz Loves! Each and every week, our Health & Beauty Director, Liz Hambleton, will be revealing her beauty secrets and makeup must-haves direct from Grazia _HQ...__*

**Sam McKnight’s Oh-So-Chic Hair Accessories at Chanel **

****Long hair is a lovely thing but at times it can be tough to give it an edge (especially if you’re rubbish at styling it like me) so I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous accessorised half ponytails Sam McKnight created at this week’s Chanel Cruise show. Seen here on the famous heads of hair that are Cara and Kendall, I can’t wait to get my hands on this chic, stylish black bow tie hair clip. Expect to be hearing from me very soon @sammcknight1!

[Instagram: @SamMcKnight1]

My First Smokey Eye

Just this week I had the pleasure of having my make-up done by the lovely Lynsey Alexander (@lynseyalex) who persuaded me to go for a sculpted, smoky black eye. Not something I tend to wear on a day to day basis because a)I’m rubbish at doing my make-up and b) I think it makes my eyes look too heavy and dark. Turns out it’s just my own very poor make-up skills that have been letting the side down.

Lynsey used a combination of neutral and coffee eye shadows to softly sculpt the shape of my eyes and then smudged a black kohl pencil along the upper and lower lash line to bring a bit of rock and roll definition. I also loved the heavy lash look she created with L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara (£10.99, Boots), L'oreal Color Riche Mono Eyeshadow in Breaking Nude (£5.49, Boots) and Black Color Riche Le Smokey Eyeliner (£4.99, Boots).

[Instagram: @lynseyalexand @lizhgrazia]

This Works Deep Sleep

Want to drop off quickly and have a better quality of sleep? Then put the entire This Works Deep Sleep range on your Christmas list! The Grazia office is completely obsessed with the pillow spray (£16.00, This Works) - our editor Jane swears by it! I’ve had this line up of sleep inducing products by my bedside for the past two weeks and I have to say it makes such a difference.

I start by spraying the pillow spray onto my bed, then I pour a little of the massage oil into my heads, inhale it three times and rub it on my neck shoulders. Finally, before I literally melt into by bed, I give my wrists and chest a quick spritz with the body spray.

[Instagram @lizhgrazia]

Vitality Breakfasts!

December is always a killer month – with pre Christmas Grazia deadlines, after work events nearly every night and some serious Christmas shopping to be done now is the time I try to up my game health-wise. Breakfast is my focus at the moment, I’m packing as much goodness into every morning as I possibly can and to ensure I’m as on it as possible I’ve set up a ‘vitality area’ at home. You’ll see from this picture it consists of my NutriBullet (£99.99, Nutribullet), a variety of power powders including flaxmill and spirulina which I load into every juice or smoothie I make. It also has three kinds of matcha powder, detoxing cholphyll in tablet form (I’m taking four a day at the moment) and coconut oil which works brilliantly in a smoothie.

Try this morning recipe for yourself: two cups of brown rice milk, one large teaspoon of coconut oil, one tea spoon of pea protein, a whole banana, a shot of matcha or spirulina powder whizzed up in a blender. Or alternatively head to Lab Organic in Covent Garden for their oh-so-tasty 'Wake Up' smoothie. Delicious. (

[Instagram @lizhgrazia]

Baby Skin

My new little niece Sophia Belle has the most glorious baby skin I’ve ever seen (and just look at how photogenic she is!) - so inspired was I by her little plump cheeks I decided to look for products that could create a tiny touch of her fresh, baby faced glow on my ever so slightly older skin. After an intense hour of applying, smoothing and patting I came up with the ultimate baby face trio and it’s all from Eve Lom. First I applied their new and improved Flawless Radiance Primer SPF 30, (£40.00, Eve Lom) then their incredibly glow giving liquid foundation (Eve Lom Radiance Lift SPF15, £50, Eve Lom), for an extra boost. Try this combination and you’ll see just how anti-aging the effect can be…

[Instagram @lizhgrazia]

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