A List Advice For Getting Truly Radiant Skin – By The Man Who Looks After Half Of Hollywood

A Hollywood Dermatologist On How To Get Your Skin Red Carpet Ready

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You'd think that the A List would be spoilt for choice when it came to getting their glam squads together. Every preener and prepper in Hollywood is surely vying for a chance to make over the stars - but it turns out, there's only a few in the elite trusted to get the biggest stars ready for their close up.

One of those is Dr David Colbert, a dermatologist extraordinaire whose clientele includes Jennifer Lawrence and the Victoria's Secret Angels. He spoke to us exclusively about how he gets the A List awards season-ready with his special Triad facial - and the skincare tips we can all try at home to look more radiant.

Dr Colbert told us, "I usually start prepping my clients six weeks before any big event," but that his red carpet 'Triad' facial has "zero downtime".

His famous 'Triad' facial, which has been carried out on the Angels, and is popular with Naomi Watts, involves microdermabrasion, laser toning and a lavender acid exfoliation, which is followed by and application of the Colbert M.D Illumino Mask (£85.00) and LED light therapy. To finish, the Colbert MD Illumino Facial Oil (£100) is applied to seal in moisture. Dr Colbert told us, "Together, they eliminate dull old skin and help to create new collagen. The results are that your skin is left fresh, dewy and has a healthy youthful glow."

Microdermabrasion, or exfoliating the skin with very fine, specially-designed particles, along with the chemical exfoliation encourages the skin to produce more new collagen - hello, pillowy skin - while light therapy helps renew and tone the skin without leaving it red or sore like a peel might.

As Colbert explained, "Before facing the cameras, the skin's collagen and elastin content needs to be increased. This is achieved through the laser toning portion of the Triad and also using our serum which contains goji berry extract. Finally, using Illumino Face Oil makes the skin dewy and healthy."

As for skincare blunders we might be making at home? Colbert warned against "Over cleansing and using too many different products all the time." Clearly, the doctor approves of a routine. "Also women forget that whatever their age, a face oil is integral to achieving glowing skin.", Colbert added.

“Many women believe that after 50 it's too late to change their skin, but it's never too late to rejuvenate the skin. And face oils don't cause acne! In fact, your New Year's beauty resolution should be to use an oil."

Time to oil up - doctor's orders...

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