Hold The Phone! Kylie Jenner Admits To Using Butt Enhancement Cream

Kylie Jenner Admits To Using Butt Enhancement Cream


by Daniela Morosini |
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Maybe she's born with it. Or maybe, it's come squeezed out of a tube of 'all-natural' enhancement cream. The latest addition to the Kardashian beauty roster, as debuted on Kylie Jenner's Instagram, is none other than PureLeef's 'Butt Enhancement Cream' and 'Breast Plumping Lotion'.

Check the date - it isn't April 1st. This is a genuine thing that's happening. Kylie claimed that the products are 'all natural' and that 'that's very important to me'. Of course.

Kylie claims the products will 'maintain and accentuate your curves', and that the products 'stimulate fat cells in the target areas.' Now, you don't have to be a scientist to figure out that a topical treatment has a slim to none chance of bulking up the body - your breast and butt size is largely dictacted by hormones, genetics and your overall bodyweight.

Plus, gravity has a role here. What cream can prop up a part of your body like your behind that has a natural downward pull.

Esther Fieldgrass, the founder and CEO of EF Medispa, told us, “There are no clinical trials proving the efficacy of these products. Anything with all-natural ingredients has limited penetration within the dermis - in this instance nanotechnology would need to be used."

Esther added, "My concern is young women to applying a cream to their bodies while they are still growing and developing. At such a young age, climbing some stairs alone will help plump up the bottom making it firmer and rounder!"

While a serious squat routine can help make your derriere look rounder and perkier, and strengthening the muscles under your breasts can have an impact on the appearance of your chest, spending around $100 (£64) on these creams is really only going to impact your wallet.

And if you really want that rounder-than-round backside? "We've seen a 324% rise in enquiries for fat transfer procedures. It's a simple procedure that works by transferring unwanted fat from other areas of the body to the breast and buttocks. It is the perfect combination, eradicating unwanted fat from one area and transferring it to your area of choice."

"As it uses fat, which is an entirely autologous tissue from the patient’s own body, it is a safe and reliable procedure with almost absolutely no chance of an adverse reaction.”, Esther advised. She adds: "We would never work with anyone under the age of 20 on a cosmetic surgical procedure.”

We're not sure we'll be booking in any time soon though...

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