Love Island’s Kaz On The £4 Face Serum That Kept Shine At Bay In The Villa, Watch Her Video Tutorial Now

Plus Kaz reveals her entire 10-step morning skincare routine...

Love Island Kaz Skincare Routine

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Yearning for more Love Island content to keep you going post finale? We've got you covered. In between fire pit sessions and Love Island challenges, it turns out the islanders were flitting in and out of the beach hut to film beauty tutorials. No, really. Love Island winner Millie served up a make-up how-to (watch it here) and joined forces with Liberty to guide viewers through one of their favourite summer hair styles (watch it here). Next up? Kaz, who sits down to reveal her entire 10-step skincare routine including a £4 face serum that she declares herself 'obsessed with':

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Watch: Kaz Reveals Her Entire 10-Step Skincare Routine In The Love Island Beach Hut

Watch Kaz's entire morning skincare routine above and keep scrolling for a rundown of her favourite picks below.

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Love Island Kaz's Morning Skincare Routine

Boots Glow Essence, £41 of 8

Boots Glow Essence, £4

Kaz pumps 2-3 drops into the palm of her hands and smooths over her skin. 'Not only does it smell like watermelon – it's so lush – it hydrates and refreshes your skin,' Kaz says.

Botanics Rose Quartz Eye Massager, £72 of 8

Botanics Rose Quartz Eye Massager, £7

Kaz rolls this gently under her eyes to 'promote blood flow and boost circulation.' Bye bye bags!

Botanics Rose Quartz Gua Sha, £153 of 8

Botanics Rose Quartz Gua Sha, £15

Kaz uses this cooling gua sha as a 'pre-massage' to pamper her skin before she starts her routine.

Dr Jart+ Hydrating Mist, £154 of 8

Dr Jart+ Hydrating Mist, £15

Kaz gives this hydrating mist a little shake before spritzing over her skin to help it feel 'supple smooth and moisturised, instantly.'

Fenty Skin Fat Water, £255 of 8

Fenty Skin Fat Water, £25

She pours the 'smallest amount' of this Fenty toner into her hands and pats it into her skin and says it helps to reduce oil.

No7 Hydraluminous Day Cream SPF15, £14.956 of 8

No7 Hydraluminous Day Cream SPF15, £14.95

Kaz applies two fingers worth of day cream across her face, neck, ears and chest. 'It's lightweight, oil-free and doesn't leave a white cast,' she says. 'I feel like people underrate the importance of using SPF.'

No7 Vitamin C & E Capsules, £19.957 of 8

No7 Vitamin C & E Capsules, £19.95

Kaz uses these antioxidant capsules to add radiance to her skin. Each capsule contains your perfect daily dose of serum - handy.

Soltan SPF Lip Balm, £3.508 of 8

Soltan SPF Lip Balm, £3.50

This handy balm contains aloe and vitamin E to help protect your lips – while the SPF 30 ensures your lips are protected in the sun.

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