Is Liquid Collagen The Beauty Elixir We’ve All Been Waiting For?

Packed with peptides and Vit C, drinking Absolute Collagen could help you look and feel pepped and perkier


by Grazia |

Liquid collagen has taken the beauty world by storm. There’s a real buzz about these amazing supplements and their benefits.

But what exactly is liquid collagen?  How does it work?  And, most importantly, what can it do?  We went straight to the experts at Absolute Collagen to find out.

So, what is collagen? Collagen is the main structural protein within the body. It’s composed mainly of amino acids, which is why it’s essential for healthy skin. Found in connective tissue, skin, hair, nails, and bones, it gives structural support to tissue and is vital in the cellular process. Basically, it helps keep us looking and feeling great. Our bodies naturally make collagen, but as we age this slows down. It’s a sad fact that by the time we reach 50, we’ve lost almost half of our natural collagen.

This is where Absolute Collagen’s award-winning Marine Liquid Collagen comes in with its brilliant beauty boosting benefits. We’re talking tackling wrinkles and fine lines, increased skin hydration, softer, firmer skin, and improved hair texture to name a few. Check out the studies*, and even better see the customer before and after pics for yourself on

Let’s dive in. Absolute Collagen is premium marine collagen. A pure form of hypoallergenic protein that’s derived directly from fish collagen. 8000mg of high quality hydrolysed marine collagen no less. Boasting the highest quality type 1 collagen peptides, it’s the UK’s most concentrated collagen. It has a highly efficient absorption rate and is highly bioavailable (being in liquid form there’s a superior absorption rate compared to pills).

Absolute Collagen is 100% natural, there’s no nasty additives – collagen is the star ingredient. Plus, it’s infused with Vitamin C (known for its healing, hydrating, and brightening properties) to help your body absorb the collagen better.

And it’s great for on the go. With super convenient sachets there’s no need to mix, or refrigerate, and they’re under 33 calories. A simple fuss-free addition to your beauty regime. Drink directly from the sachet or add to hot or cold drinks and food (water, tea, smoothies or even yoghurt). Absolute Collagen has also now launched two really lovely flavours – Raspberry and Mango & Mandarin. And when you sign up to their hassle-free subscription service, you’ll even get a 21% discount.

So, there you are. You now know the science, the goodies inside Absolute Collagen, and how these sunshine yellow sachets can help maintain healthy looking skin, nails, and hair (as well as help fight fatigue). It’s a look good, feel-good, inside and out thing!

Tried and tested by thousands of happy customers, Absolute Collagen has not only won a plethora of beauty awards, it’s also backed by dermatologists and trichologists, we’re impressed, and we think you might be too.

Head to to shop now and enjoy your 21% discount.

*Sources: Peptan Clinical Study. AC Brand Discovery, 2020 & Consumer self-assessment study, 2019.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results will vary and are dependent on skin type and skin condition. Absolute Collagen always recommend a varied, balanced diet and healthy and active lifestyle.

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