Lip Fillers 101 – We Asked An Expert Everything You Could Want To Know

We Asked An Expert Everything You Want To Know About Lip Fillers


by Grazia |

If 2014 was the year of the 'lob', and 2013 the year of the bushy brow, 2015 undoubtedly belongs to the full lip.

A certain Kylie Jenner might have a thing or two to do with this - after all, she did cause an international shortage of nude lip liner, even after 'fessing up to having her pout artificially inflated.

Her ever-growing lips may be a source of constant controversy - because of her age and the fact that they seem to get even bigger every time she steps out - but they certainly put injectables back on the map.

While temporary lip fillers are nothing new, and have been a popular cosmetic procedure for years, women are now talking about them much more openly, and it seems like we're all a little less needle-phobic.

We caught up with leading cosmetic doctor Dr Frances Prenna Jones to pick her brains about lip fillers, and how they work.

Grazia Daily: Give it to us straight – how do lip fillers work?

Dr Frances Prenna Jones: “Yes, they do. They’re made of a gel-like material that creates volume when injected. This pumps up the lip, which is like a balloon and stretches to accommodate the new volume.”

GD: What kind of lip fillers are there?

FPJ: “There are permanent and non-permanent. Most people opt for non-permanent and the majority opt for hyaluronic acid fillers, which is a substance naturally found in the skin that keeps it plump. There are fillers made of other substances such as collagen, which isn’t as readily available anymore, and some newer plant-based gels that are undergoing further research.”

GD: How long do lip fillers last?

FPJ: “It depends on the type and manufacturer of the hyaluronic acid. In layman’s terms, the thickness and smoothness of the gel affects how long they last, and this depends on the size of the molecules, the number of bonds between the molecules and the elasticity of these bonds.”

“Also, it depends on whether or not it is the first time you’ve had lip fillers. The treatment encourages your own production of collagen because you cause “trauma”, so to speak, with the needle. This stimulates collagen and elastin production, as your body perceives it as an attack and goes into rapid regenerating mode. Secondly, it’s a bit of a snowball effect – the injectable substance can much more easily hang onto collagen already in the lip, so if you have residual collagen from before, the effect will last longer.”

“It also varies from individual to individual, depending on their age and metabolic rate and whether they’re a smoker or not. But, for a ball park figure, anywhere from 3-18 months.”

Kylie before and after lip fillers via Getty
Kylie before and after lip fillers via Getty

GD: Who’s a good candidate for fillers?

****FPJ: “Technically, anyone can have them, but if you have really, really narrow lips and you want Angelina Jolie's lips, that’s hard to achieve."

"We all lose volume in our lips as we age, and some people simply want to replace this lost volume, and filler looks great in these circumstances. I would caution against creating very large lips on a very petite face. You need to choose a practitioner whose aesthetic you like and who understands you and the outcome you want to achieve.”

How much do lip fillers cost?

Most clinics we checked offer fillers beginning around £150-300. This price of course varies from practice to practice, and on the kind of filler used and the effect desired.

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