This Is The Cult Perfume That Will Get You The Most Compliments According To TikTok

It's the ultimate skin scent

glossier you perfume TikTok

by Laura Capon |

This is incredibly selfish of me, but I almost don't want to share this story with you as the perfume in question just so happens to also be my signature scent, so I can first hand attest that if you wear this, the compliments will come rolling in.

But seeing as it's already gone viral and sales of said perfume have already increased by 50% within a 24 hour period, I guess the cat has well and truly escaped its beautiful smelling bag.

The scent that I have been gatekeeping since 2017, is having a viral moment once again after TikTok user @bitcoin_papi posted a video explaining that a man (who was out running) turned around to chase her down and ask what scent she was wearing.

It doesn't stop there however, @bitcoin_papi then went onto explain that it was the same perfume a previous man who she was dating wrote an actual poem about, because he loved it so much.

Can't say that's quite happened to me, sadly.

Of course the perfume in question is Glossier You and understandably with a review like that, everyone is desperate to get their hands on a bottle. Much to my personal dismay.

Watch TikTokers try Glossier You:

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This Is The Cult Perfume That Will Get You The Most Compliments According To TikTok - Grazia 2022

glossier you perfume TikTok
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With notes of pink pepper, amber and iris, to me You smells like a warm hug, or as Glossier founder Emily Weiss puts it, your boyfriend's neck. I'd describe it as the ultimate skin scent, it makes me feel safe when I wear it, like an acceptable adult comfort blanket.

As it's a skin scent, I find that I can't always smell it on myself after that initial spray, but I know it's there because I can guarantee that at least one person that day will ask me what I'm wearing.

So, yes, everyone, not just member's of the opposite sex, will compliment you on it.

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