The Feelgood Files: Amy Jackson Reveals Her Favourite Mood-Boosters

Actress and model Amy Jackson kicks off Grazia's The Feelgood Files franchise with her tips to a brighter day

Amy Jackson The Feelgood Files

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Amy Jackson found herself in the spotlight at just 16 years old, when she won the Miss Teen World competition in 2009. She was quickly scouted and cast in an Indian film, despite having grown up in Liverpool and never acted a day in her life.

She flew thousands of miles away from home and sparked offan illustrious Bollywood career that continues to this day. Here she shares her secrets to a feelgood moment or two, including her pick-me-up beauty routine, the supplements she takes every morning without fail, and the songs that make her heart sing.

The song I listen to when I need a boost: Meredith Brooks, I’m A Lover.

The book I can’t put down: The Chimp Paradox.

My go-to feelgood recipe: A kerala coconut stew.

The Instagram account that brings me joy: @thedodo.

What never fails to make me smile: The way my dog Herbert greets me at the door with SO much excitement, it looks like his tail is about to fly off!!

My go-to supplement: A turmeric shot and a vitamin E tablet every morning.

My favourite at-home workout: Vinyasa flow yoga.

My feel-good at-home beauty routine: I gently cleanse my face and follow with the Dior Capture Totale skincare regime and a spritz of rose water.

Everything you need to be happy, is already within be kind to yourself and trust in your own magic

My fail-safe face mask: SkinCeuticals hydration mask, it’s perfect for dry skin.

Another song that makes me smile: Ludovico Einaudi’s, Fairytale.

The smell that lifts my mood: My son’s baby skin.

The movie I’ll happily watch again and again: The Godfather.

The Netflix show I tell everyone to watch: Don’t F*ck With Cats

My happy place: Horse riding out in the countryside followed by a pub lunch in front of the fire.

A final feelgood note from me: Everything you need to be happy, is already within be kind to yourself and trust in your own magic.

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