Try This FaceGym Workout At Home To Release Tension And Sculpt Your Facial Muscles

The results speak for themselves…

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by Emma Stoddart |

If you’ve ever experienced a FaceGym treatment in ‘studio’, you’ll be all too familiar with the impressive lifting, sculpting and plumping results that occur almost immediately. Unlike a relaxing facial with gentle massage techniques to encourage lymphatic drainage and microcirculation (which we also love), FaceGym treatments are an actual workout for your face, targeting each and every facial muscle (that’s right, all 40 of them).

The workouts combine high energy kneading movements with cutting-edge technology and skin-savvy products that work together to tighten and tone. And while you may not drift off into a state of complete calm, you will have plumper cheekbones, a more defined jaw and glowing skin.

Don’t believe us? Try the below at home workout with FaceGym pro trainer, Sophie Perry and see the notable results for yourself…

To find out more about the various wonders of FaceGym workouts, we've spoken to founder of FaceGym, Inge Theron...

What are the benefits of FaceGym and facial massage?

'The practice of facial exercise has a long history but it’s often news to people that over 40 muscles make up the scaffolding of the face,' says Theron, 'and just like the muscles in the body, the more you move them, the more lifted, tightened and toned they become.'

Not only will facial muscle stimulation and movement keep the muscles firm and skin tight, but it will also stimulate Collagen - the most important protein for maintaining youthful skin. 'At FaceGym we have developed a unique muscle manipulation technique, which combined with our tools and technology give instant benefits and long-lasting results. Focusing on the health and strength of your facial muscles as part of your self care routine will pay dividends when it comes to the appearance of key focus areas like the jawline, forehead and eye area.'

When should you start incorporating facial massage into your skincare regime?

Theron recommends introducing facial exercise and at home massage into your skincare routine from your twenties. 'The earlier you develop good skincare habits the better you will look in later life,' points out Theron. 'As you get older we recommend doing more of the exercise “resistance training” to get your facial muscles working and strengthening. I would also say start using tools like our FaceGym pro, £510, as well as more potent skincare for the massage.'

How often should you give yourself a facial massage?

You can do it any time of day, but it makes sense to add it into your morning or evening routine for convenience. 'The bottom line is you need to do it daily - if not at least 4 times a week, so find a time that works for you, carve out 10-15 min in your day, and make it a daily ritual,' advises Theron.

For more easy at home exercises, try the below techniques c/o FaceGym:

The Thinker: Make a fist and rest your chin on it, like you’re feeling the weight of the day. While you maintain the upward pressure from your fist, open your mouth against that pressure, and the close again. Keep opening and closing while maintaining the pressure from your fist. Do this ten times. This exercise will burn, but it’s so worth it!

Platysma Stretch: Push your lower jaw forwards by bringing your lower teeth in front of your upper teeth, now slowly raise your chin toward the ceiling in 5 counts. Now hold right here for another five and bring your face back down. Keep holding the tension in your jaw and, let’s go again - up in five counts. Then hold again for another five counts and back down again.

Cheek Burpees: Place your right hand on the right side of your face. Lightly use your hand to pull the cheek’s skin back. Now, breathe out forcefully toward the left for ten reps. Try as hard as you can to work against the stretch created from your hand! Now bring your left hand to your left cheek and repeat the same exercise for ten reps. Remember, one side of your face may be weaker than the other, so don’t worry about taking it a little easier in some of the reps!

Eye Squint: Focus on a point in the distance and squint your eyes like you can’t see. Hold for three seconds, then open your eyes up wide in total surprise! Squint again, hold as much as you can, and finally open them as wide as you can. One more time, squint, tight, and open wide, as wide as you can!

Hey Smiley: Smile by pulling the corners of your mouth outward, don’t grimace, or crinkle your eyes. Imagine you are saying the letter “E”. The rest of your face should be totally still. Keep holding this position. It may feel like you are doing very little but you are actually targeting exactly those small muscles around your mouth and working them to help avoid any sagging at the corners. Release for a few seconds and smile again. Stretch the mouth to the sides like two hooks were pulling them out. Hold for at least ten seconds, then release.

Corrugator Lift: Take your index finger and place it on your Corrugator muscle, right between your eyebrows. Next, raise your eyebrows up and down ten times. Lift those brows up as far as they can go to deepen the workout and the stretch. This exercise is so amazing to build your forehead’s strength and brighten your eyes! Keep that index finger firm on the corrugator.

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