Could The Dr Pimple Popper Reality Show Be Your New Guilty Pleasure?


by Rebecca Cope |
Published on

It’s likely that you’ve seen a Dr Pimple Popper video without realising it: you know the ones, the grim, can’t-look-away videos of various gigantic cysts, spots and other things being squeezed to within an inch of their lives, before emitting a volcanic explosion of pus, blood and other icky stuff. The ones that are so horrible, you don’t know why you’re watching, but still continue to anyway, until you’re in an hour-long spiral of horror.

Now, Dr Sandra Lee is bringing her unique brand of beauty to your television screens thanks to TLC’s new reality television series. The show will feature Dr Lee in her practice, meeting patients and changing lives by ridding them of worrying cysts and bumps that they have been putting off getting looked at. It will also no doubt include some nuggets of skin care wisdom – who better to turn to when you want to find out how to squeeze a spot, after all?

The show is being launched thanks to the success of an hour-long special which aired in January: ‘Dr Pimple Popper: This Is Zit’. The best bit? You can apply now to get your pimples squeezed on the show…

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