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Body Admin Diaries: 'If A Product Is Over £40, I'm Not Interested'

© Josephine Clowez

Here's what a week in body admin looks like for 'the most frugal beauty buyer on the planet'

The beauty industry is valued at £9.3 billion, but how much time, effort and money does the average woman spend on her body admin? On a mission to destroy the illusion that us ladies spend our precious free time fussing over facials and following fads, we’re asking a cross-section of people how much time they really dedicate to their beauty routine. Do they follow a nine-step Korean programme or are they actually applying their make-up on the bus to work? Let the veil of mystery be lifted once and for all.

As a freelancer my income fluctuates and while I have quite a lot of staple items that I just can’t live without I am probably the most frugal beauty buyer on the planet. If a product is not under £40 then I am not interested. (The Chenot cream was one off, in case your wondering).

Total cost of make-up: £165.93

Total cost of skincare: £152.04

Total cost of bodycare: £89.61

Total cost of haircare: £43.80

Total cost of body admin: £451.3