Everything You Need To Know About Getting Botox Before Your Wedding

Harley Street practitioner Alice Henshaw discusses the do's and don'ts of getting Botox before your wedding


by Annie Vischer |

According to Harley Street practitioner and founder of Harley Street Injectables Alice Henshaw, demand for pre-wedding Botox is high. 'I often get clients booking in for Botox for the very first time ahead of their wedding,' says Alice, 'brides usually come in six to 12 months ahead of the wedding. Most brides are concerned with how their make-up will sit on the big day. Everyone wants results to look natural too, of course. Botox can look very natural if it's done well.' Alice notes there are a few key things to consider before booking in for Botox ahead of your big day, especially if it's your first time:

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The First Things You Should Consider Before Booking In For Botox Ahead Of Your Wedding

'Go to a trusted practitioner who you know understands what ‘natural’ means,' says Alice. 'Botox and filler can be administered in a way that looks natural and understated. Needless to say though, we all have an idea of what too much Botox looks like. Some practitioners are prone to recommending treatments for their financial benefit and it's easy, as a client, to be swayed. Trust in your practitioner and their quality of work is very important. It is also important to remember Botox is a brand name. Do check the brand your practitioner is using. Some clinics may advertise that they use Botox and substitute a cheaper, less effective brand. Researching your practitioner is very important. Make sure they are a medical practitioner with specialised training in injectables.' To check your practitioner's credentials look them up on databases that list UK based medical professionals such as the General Medical Council, the British College of Aesthetic Medicine or the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses. Don't be afraid to ask your practitioner to talk you through their qualifications either. 'Make sure your beauty ideals and version of 'natural' matches that of your practitioner too,' implores Alice, 'Ask your friends for recommendations, look at the clinic's before-and-after photos, read Google reviews, book in for a consultation and ask questions. Your clinic and practitioner should be committed to nurturing a trusting and long-lasting relationship with you.'

Alice Henshaw
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The Best Time To Book In For Botox Before A Wedding

'I usually advise those new to Botox to commence treatments six to seven months before their wedding,' advises Alice, 'this gives us time to gauge their perfect dose. Botox normally takes two weeks to take full effect, at which stage we have time to make small adjustments to the dose if needed. This enables us to be accurate with that second dose around three months later. Time that last pre-wedding Botox treatment for a month before your wedding. Botox treatments need to be repeated every three to four months.'

Baby Botox Explained

'Baby Botox is essentially a lower dose of Botox,' explains Alice, 'I usually start my first-time clients on Baby Botox if they are nervous. Nine out of ten clients end up asking for a little more next time but it's a great way to test out or trial Botox if you are cautious.'

Here's What Happens At The Initial Consultation

'At Harley Street Injectables your initial consultation takes place in our London clinic with myself or one of my highly trained medical specialists,' says Alice, 'I assess your facial features and talk you through a treatment plan that I deem best suited to your needs, time frame and budget. Our team prides itself in providing natural and effective results. After your first treatment you have a follow-up appointment during which we take the time to review your treatment results. I pride myself in nurturing long-lasting patient, practitioner relationships built on trust, it's such an important part of the process.'

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