The Best New Fragrances For 2016

Fragrance Reporter: The Best New Scents For 2016

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by Grazia |

A new year brings with it a fresh crop of new scents, and if you've not managed to stick to any of your resolutions, the short days are getting you down and you're dreaming of a holiday, what better way to bring yourself out of your funk than with an eau de parfum?

Scent is immeasurably powerful - little else in the beauty world (or indeed, the sensory world) can so powerfully change our moods, lift our spirits or induce such nostalgia. This year, we're particularly coveting light, gender-neutral scents with earthy tones. Not only are they less heady and more refreshing, there's something inexplicably modern about a cool, fresh scent, and they're perfect for perfume virgins, or those who want to steer clear of the more cloying scents for work.

Then there's our fail-safe winter favourites - rich, dark, sensual scents with lashings of unusual florals, woody spices and unexpected notes of oud. Perfect for evoking a cosy mood, or when you're looking to seduce, these classic staple scents have had a 2016 makeover, and we're trying to work out a way to wear them all at once.

Click through the gallery to see our favourite new scents for 2016...


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