The Best Gym Equipment To Help You Work Out From Home

Elevate your home workout with some cheap, effective and easy-to-use equipment.

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Whether it’s first thing in the morning, a lunchtime HIIT, or an evening yoga session - it’s so important to keep moving the body and take regular breaks when we’re stuck inside all day. According to healthcare professionals, exercise not only benefits the body but also the mind – boosting our mood, upping our energy levels and improving sleep quality.

'Staying active now is more important than ever before,' states Sandy Macaskill, co-founder of Barry's UK, 'It’s not about pressuring yourself into having the perfect physique, it’s about engaging your mind and switching off from working from home for a second. Your brain needs this workout right now even more than your body.'

So, why not amp up your workout with some affordable yet effective equipment that will definitely make you break out in a sweat – no matter where you are.

And if you're struggling to get motivated, lots of gyms like Barry's Bootcamp, 1Rebel and Psycle (to name a few) are live streaming daily workouts on social media to help people feel connected. So tune in at a time that suits you (or download one of the many fitness apps) and read Sandy Macaskill's tips below to help really work those muscles using equipment.

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The Best Exercise Equipment

BLOCH Resistance Band, £101 of 5

BLOCH Resistance Band, £10

'Resistance bands are fantastic - there are plenty of variations for all muscle groups and you can definitely target specific areas. Think bicep curls, tricep overheads, glute kickbacks, shoulder press, bent over rows, flyes, everything and anything.'

Reebok Dumbell 1kg, £5.9552 of 5

Reebok Dumbell 1kg, £5.955

'A pair of medium dumbbells are great if you can get your hands on them. So, 4-5kgs for ladies, 7.5-10kg for men, as a rough guide.'

Physio Parts Medicine Ball, £35.503 of 5

Physio Parts Medicine Ball, £35.50

'A medicine ball is a great option for your core - you can do Russian twists with a medicine ball, overhead slams, and partner work.'

Reebok Stability Gym Ball, £204 of 5

Reebok Stability Gym Ball, £20

'You can perform all your usual sit ups and crunches with the stability of resting your shoulders or feet on a swiss ball.'

Sweaty Betty Eco Yoga Mat, £405 of 5

Sweaty Betty Eco Yoga Mat, £40

If you're working out on a hard floor or carpet (which can cause carpet burn) make sure you've got a mat to hand like this super comfy sweaty betty one.

What's the best way to workout without equipment?

'Let’s say you’re limited in equipment and just have bodyweight. No problem, keep the moves simple but compensate with intensity. By that I mean, really maxing the effort. Give yourself a set time (like 60 seconds) and a set move (like push ups) and aim to complete as many as physically possible. Don’t take a complete break, perform another exercise straight after working separate muscles, like a squat jump for 60 seconds. 15-30 mins of that and you’ll be sweating for sure. You’ll feel fantastic afterwards, too.'

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