The Best Face Washes For Every Skin Concern

From face wash for oily skin to dry skin and everything in between, we've narrowed down the best cleansers in the business.

The Best Face Washes

by Annie Vischer |

Cleansing is the skincare step you probably do without a second thought. But don't underestimate the power of a face wash when it comes to transforming the condition of your skin. A great cleanser does more than simply remove make-up and give your skin that lovely refreshed feeling. The constant act of washing away impurities (whether that's your make-up or even simply the pollution particles that become embedded in your pores after a day on the go) allows all your skin's important processes to function at their optimum level. That has a long-term impact on the overall health of your skin as well as the appearance of your complexion. Moral of the story? Never underestimate your cleanser. (Always fancied trying a face brush tool? Browse the best of the bunch here).

Granted though, shopping for the best face wash for you can often turn out to be a fairly baffling task. There's so much on the beauty shelves to choose from, from gels, creams, scrubs, balms, you name it. Finding 'the one' when it comes to face washes relies on you knowing your skin and knowing what it needs.

How To Find The Best Cleanser For Oily Skin

If you have oily skin and you are looking for a cleanser, it is easy to make a grab for the toughest looking, most deep-cleaning option out there. That's not always the right approach when it comes to buying a face wash. As leading facialist Sarah Chapman explains, 'If you strip your skin with a cleanser it will produce more oil making it more problematic. Your cleanser should not aggravate or irritate your skin, but should leave it glowing, clean and comforted.'

Sarah continues, 'my philosophy is based on skin condition rather than skin types. I find this is a much more effective way to approach the skincare that you use. With this in mind, you might find that keeping a couple of cleansers to hand, rather than just one, is a good idea, to accommodate the subtle changes in your skin from week to week.' Remember that your skin can change from season to season, month to month. Whilst in summer you're likely to be looking for something more refreshing, even if your skin is oily, it might be crying out for a more nourishing cleanser in the colder winter months.

How To Find The Best Cleanser For Dry Skin

Sarah says 'If your skin feels tight after cleansing your cleanser is too drying for your skin condition, so opt for oil based balm cleansers, which will deep clean and nourish at the same time.'

How To Find The Best Cleanser For Acne Prone Skin

Again, it's tempting if you have acne, to reach for a cleanser that promises a real deep clean, but this can often result in irritation. You want to cleanse your skin gently without aggravating it. Cleansers that contain salicylic acid are lactic acid work well as they very gently exfoliate your skin, shifting any potential spot-causing impurities, whilst calming and soothing your skin at the same time to cut down on redness.

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The Best Cleansers For Every Skin Concern

best cleansers: Marie Reynolds
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This hydrating and nourishing facial wash is perfect for all skin types. It's enriched with a natural super antioxidant blend of Goji Berries, Acai Berries and Oat Silk to help reduce inflammation and boost skin health.

CeraVe Smoothing Cleanser
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CeraVe's SA Smoothing Cleanser contains salicylic acid to gently exfoliate and smooth skin without irritating. It's creat for acne-prone skin.

Drunk Elephant Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser
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Drunk Elephant's Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser contains coconut-based fatty acids that work to nourish dry skin as it cleanses.

Paula's Choice Clear Cleanser
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Paula's Choice Clear Cleanser removes dirt and debries from your pores and contains glycerin, an ingredient that protects skin from dryness.

Lixirskin Electrogel Cleanser
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Lixirskin's Electrogel Cleanser combines oils with glycerin to provide a cleanse that rids skin of everyday pollutants without dehydrating it.

Soap And Glory Vitamin C Clarity Facial Wash
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Soap & Glory's Vitamin C Clarity Facial Wash gently refreshes, smoothes and purifies skin in one.

Drunk Elephant Slaai Make-Up Melting Butter Cleanser
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Drunk Elephant has come up trumps again with another amazing cleanser for dry skin. This balm version nourishes skin, and super model Adut Akech even cites it as her favourite.

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cleanser
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Kate Somerville's Goat Milk Cleanser is a cult classic that's famed for its calming, soothing properties. Beauty guru Caroline Hirons is a huge fan too.

Avu00e8ne Gentle Milk Cleanser
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Avène's Gentle Milk Cleanser is a real sensitive skin hero for those that really struggle when it comes to finding a cleanser. It leaves skin supple and smooth.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse
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Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse is a go-to for many and for good reason. The formula cleans deep into pores and its cocktail of oils leaves skin glowing.

Codex, Bia Exfoliating Wash, £43
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Bia Exfoliating Wash lightly exfoliates and tones skin, making it gentle enough for everyday use. This wash never leaves skin feeling tight or dry and is clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin flakiness.

Aurelia, Miracle Cleanser, £22
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Aurelia's probiotic ingredients continuously protect, restore and balance the skin from within. Helping to reduce the damage caused by pollution and stress, they activate the skin's ability to repair itself, maintaining equilibrium.

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