The 3 Best DIY Masks For Every Skin Woe

3 Great DIY Masks For All Your Skin Woes


by Grazia |

If you've been overindulging this summer in every delicious frozen thing going , and your complexion is paying the price, fear not.

Sugar is the main culprit behind a lot of skin woes, from dull skin to uneven tone and even premature and exacerbated wrinkles (sugar breaks down collagen production, FYI).

So, if your sweet tooth has been getting the better of you, you may be feeling a little less than radiant under the glare of your office lights today. Or, equally, if hormones or stress are playing havoc with complexion, it's just as irksome.

Lucky for you, the route to clearer skin need not be an expensive one - we've rounded up three great DIY facials you can make with things you already have at home.

1. For congested, blemished skin - the aspirin facial

You've undoubtedly seen heaps of anti-blemish products boasting that they contain salicylic acid. The most gentle offering from the usual over-the-counter exfoliating round up, salicylic acid goes by another name in medical circles: aspirin.

That's right, your morning-after failsafe is also a dab hand at blemish busting. We recommend mashing up about five aspirin pills with some natural, plain yoghurt (the lactic acid found in dairy will add an extra exfoliating kick) and leaving on for ten to fifteen minutes. Hello, clearer skin.

2. For red, inflamed skin - the Sudocrem facial

Nappy rash wonder Sudocrem isn't just for babies. In fact, the antiseptic properties will zap any spots in their tracks, while it also comforts eczema and rosacea, quickly soothing any redness.

Apply all over the face to cleansed skin, massage in, then head to bed. In the morning, rinse off any excess with cold water. You may wish to use an old pillowcase...

  1. For dry, dull skin - the avocado facial****

****While avocado's currently enjoying a moment in the limelight thanks to a million and one Instagram snaps of it on (gluten-free, obvs) toast, every supermodel's favourite breakfast is great for the skin when applied topically, too.

Loaded with vitamins E, A and C and antioxidants to brighten the skin, the multi-talented avocado will help smooth and hydrate. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to ease inflammation, and two tablespoons of honey to brighten. Mash together and leave on for as long as you can before licking it off...

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