The Best Festive Candles To Burn This Christmas

Cosy winter nights call for a seasonal new flame. Relight your fire with one of these beauties...

Best Christmas Candles

by Emma Stoddart |

Coming in from the bitter cold and lighting your favourite wick is practically medicinal in the winter months. Which explains why Net-A-Porter notice a seasonal 180% spike of scented candle sales during December. ‘Candles are part of our armour against winter,’ explains Tom Daxon, founder and creative director of his eponymous fragrance brand.

The trick to making them last? ‘Burn them for two hours on the first lighting,' says Daxon. This way the wax will melt into a pool all the way to the edge, encouraging an even burn. ‘Also, before each burn, trim the wick to about 5mm to stop the flame from being too strong, preventing that black smoke.’

To help you choose your perfect match, we’ve collated the most moreish Christmas candles, from warming spicy scents to sophisticated floral blends in an array of shapes and sizes.

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The Best Christmas Candles 2020

Best Christmas Candles
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Yes, it's expensive, but Cire Trudon's Abd El Kader, £88, is so much more than a candle. It's a bona fide piece of art, filled with spearmint- laced blackcurrant, jasmine and vanilla that smells as good as it sounds.

Best Christmas Candles
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Fornasetti collaborated with Comme De Garçons to illustrate this beautiful vessel. Place it centre stage and light it up to fill your home with a calming scent of lavender and thyme.

Best Christmas Candles
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Christmas just isn't Christmas without a Jo Malone festive candle, and this year's Glowing Embers Townhouse edition is all soft smoke and warming woods.

Best Christmas Candles
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Winter nights call for a warming pink pepper and patchouli new flame. Specifically, Bella Freud's Peace & Love new flame that's inspired by the soulful optimism of Marvin Gaye's song 'What's Going On'.

Best Christmas Candles
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If chilly, drawn-out evenings are making you crave comforting, rich and warm scents, then Neom's Christmas Wish Candle, is your guy. The soothing blend of tonka bean, cinnamon and mandarin has festive written all over it.

Best Christmas Candles
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Fragrance fanatics will want Diptyque's new Ambre Plume Scented Candle, £53, for the collectors' value alone, but just wait until you smell the warm spicy ginger and cinnamon blend. Post-burn, the glass makes a chic make- up brush pot, too.

Best Christmas Candles
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With hints of saffron, clove and sandalwood, Sisley's Orient Candle brings a heady warmth to your living room.

Best Christmas Candles
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Jo Loves' clever Christmas Layered Candle takes you on a scented journey from fresh pine needles to sweet plum pudding and finishes with a smoky log fire base, all in one pot. D.i.v.i.n.e.

Best Christmas Candles
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Agreed, tomato leaf isn't the most festive scent. But wrap it up in this sleek ruby red pot and you've got yourself some Christmas coffee-table gold. Plus, tomato leaf really does smell great – all fresh and green.

Best Christmas Candles
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Venturing into the fragrance field earlier this year, Loaf has created the perfect candle for Christmas. Scented of fir tree, cedarwood and cinnamon – this cosy candle will see you through the festive period.

Best Christmas Candles
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Housed in a sleek white ceramic pot, Ex Nihilo's Fleur Narcotique Candle, with bergamot, peony and orange blossom, is the stuff of our minimalist mantlepiece dreams.

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