This Moisturiser Is So Good, It Helps Bella Hadid Go Make-Up Free (And She Keeps It In Her Bag)

It's so good, she keeps one in her bag...

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by Sameeha Shaikh |
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There aren't many people I seriously trust with matters concerning skin. It's so personal, so volatile, and when you throw an acne-prone temperament into the mix, things get even more complicated, that's the case for me at least. It's why I leave skincare recommendations to the experts – who know good skin best. That said, Bella Hadid is where I make an exception. The model is serious about her health, read: her 10-step morning routine, which includes a spoon a sea moss and a glug of green juice, which are just some of the many components that lend her that covetable glow. But there's another, less elaborate, key to that enviable radiance.

Sharing the contents of her YSL Bag with Vogue, Hadid revealed that, alongside her cherished journal, lucky pen and point and shoot camera, it's a bottle of U Beauty's The Super Hydrator, £165, she can't go without.

'If anybody wants like the perfect moisturiser for the morning, this makes your skin out of control, you don't even need to put make-up on after it,' she says. By 'out of control' she means uber-nourished, glossy and like you've just given your skin a drink of water, of course.

What makes the U Beauty The Super Hydrator so good?

The success of the moisturiser comes down to its clever formulation. Its new-gen patented SIREN Capsule Technology brings long-chain hyaluronic acid (five different types in fact) to the skin's most parched areas and delivers hydration on multiple layers, to get skin deep. Providing hydration for up to 48 hours, it has been proven to make a significant difference in skin hydration even 24 hours after a single application. It's called 'Super Hydrator' for a reason people.

Science-aside, I was pleased to find this is 'glass skin' bottled up. I wasn't surprised given the seriously nourishing list of ingredients, which includes shea butter, purified oat extract, peptides, organic argan oil and avocado oil – a powerhouse of skin-loving hydrators which leave skin soft and supple. And the make-up-free claims Hadid speaks of? Warranted. The thin, silky texture glides over like a glowy veil that's as close to an IRL flawless filter as you can get. And if it can make us look anything like Hadid, we are on board.

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If glass skin is your MO this summer, look no further than this quenching, serum-like moisturiser, which will quickly get to work on any dry skin spells. It is lightweight, uber-nourishing and is clinically proven to provide long-lasting hydration.

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