Why Ancient Ayurveda Might Be The Secret To Glowing Skin


by Elizabeth Bennett |
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Whether it’s a tumeric latte at your local coffee shop, The Wellcome Collection’s new exhibition or Jasmine Hemsley’s latest book, Ayurveda is definitely having a moment.

Like most of these trends, this system of healing is anything but new. Originating in India over 5000 years ago, the word Ayurveda broken down means knowledge of life. To put it simply it’s a holistic lifestyle and method of treating imbalances that pays equal importance to the body and mind. At the core of Ayurveda are three principles, or doshas, one of which everyone identifies with most dominantly (you can discover yours with this quick quiz). Depending on which dosha you are aligned with (there’s either Vata, Pitta, Kapha), this affects the way you are treated.

As our obsession with all things wellness shows no signs of slowing down, our interest in these ancient Ayurvedic rituals has piqued. We’re embracing their holistic approach, diet, use of herbs (that’s where the tumeric obsession comes in), way of life (think yoga and meditation) and treatments such as massage. Similarly, beauty brands are starting to embrace ayurvedic treatments and utilise their powerful ingredients within products.

Stuck with where to start? These are the products we’ve been loving…


Ayurvedic Beauty

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Rituals Ayurveda Dry Oil, £19.50

Rituals' range dedicated to the art of Ayurveda offers products designed specifically by dosha. We love these dry oils, each created to benefit the needs of pitta, vata or kapha, that can be used on both the body and the hair.

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Wunderworkshop Golden Turmeric Honey, £4.99

For an authentic Ayurvedic experience apply this concoction of inflammation-boosting turmeric, coconut oil and honey as a face mask. An ideal option for those with sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, we suggest you apply while in the bath to avoid making a giant sticky mess.

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Uma Ultimate Brightening Face Mask, £65

Radiant, dewy skin can be yours with this potent brightening mask. Packed with antioxidant rich ingredients it will calm and soothe inflammation and strengthen and repair skin.

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Mauli Rituals Supreme Skin Face Serum, £62

This luxurious serum is enriched with 16 skin-loving oils including Rose Otto, brightening Lime, softening Jasmine Sambac and soothing Mysore Sandalwood. Simply warm a few drops in your palms and inhale before massaging into your skin. The relaxing ritual will calm your mind and bring a glow to the skin.

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Wild Rose Himalayan Mist, £28

According to Ayurveda, rose oil calms pitta skin. This heavenly scented mist can be used as a toner post-cleanse or as refreshing spritz to revive skin throughout the day.

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Aveda Chakra 1 Balancing Body Mist, £30

Aveda was one of the first beauty brands to bring the ancient art of Ayurveda to the mainstream. All of their products reference Ayurvedic principles but our all time favourite is their cult Chakra mist. An authentic fusion of pure essential oils blended to balance the root chakra, a quick spritz and inhale will leave you feeling both grounded and secure.

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