How To Have A Fuss (And Rash) Free Shaving Experience

How To Kick Shaving Rash To The Curb


by Grazia |

If you've ever made contact with a razor, chances you're also well-acquainted with the undesirable side-effects.

In fact, 70% of women rate shaving as their hair-removal method of choice.

If being hair-free floats your boat, shaving might be your fast pass to smooth, soft heaven, but it also might leave you with an itch, redness - and that's not to mention possible nicks and cuts.

We spoke to Diana Graovac, Wilkinson Sword's North West European Regional Project Manager, a true shaving expert, to get the skinny on how to get those hard-to-reach areas smooth and how to avoid the dreaded rash...

What’s the best way to shave our knees?

"Although everyone’s shaving rituals differ, I suggest that you prepare the skin before you shave – when you step into the shower, don’t start shaving straight away. Let the warm water run over your legs for a couple of minutes as this will help to relax the skin and soften the hair, preparing it for shaving. Don’t rush – take time whilst shaving and work the razor in a vertical direction over the kneecap with very small light strokes for a close shave."

And our bikini area?

"Everyone’s hair type and growth is different, I suggest moistening hair for three minutes with water prior to shaving. This preparation is essential, as the hair in the bikini area tends to be thicker, denser and curlier making it harder to cut. Be careful to handle the skin in the bikini area gently, as it is thin and tender. Shave horizontally, from the outside to the inside of the upper thigh and groin area, using smooth even strokes." Try the Hydro Silk Bikini, £14.99.

Why do we get shaving rash?

"Dull or blunt blades can cause irritation and provoke nicks and cuts whilst shaving, often leading to shaving rash. If you feel like you have to apply more pressure when shaving, it might mean it is time to change your blades. Another tip is to make sure your skin is hydrated whilst shaving to avoid friction or rubbing."

How can we avoid it?

"Ensure you exfoliate your skin before shaving. It will remove dead skin cells that can clog up the razor, preventing a skin irritation."

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