We Can’t Believe What’s In This Shocking New Anti-Ageing Therapy


by Grazia |

There's a new anti-ageing treatment on the market, one that promises to plump the skin, stimulating cells which produce collagen, sans side effects. It's main claim to fame is that it's considered safer than Botox; a treatment which involves the injection of botulinum, the bacteria which causes the life-threatening condition, botulism...

But whilst this new anti-ageing treatment might sound like a preferable alternative to a therapy that basically takes away all your facial expressions, wait till you read what's in it. This: 'equine type 1 collagen' – or, in other words, horse tendons.

We mean, WTF?

Entitled 'Nithya', the new treatment has been developed by Vida Aesthetics. As The Daily Telegraph reported, it is said to last for up to a year, beating its rival botox by over half a year; the effects of botox generally last around four months.

Speaking to the newspaper, Director of Vida Aesthetics, Eddy Emilio, said: 'The idea of using protein sourced from horses may seem quirky, but we’re certain this is the future of anti-ageing.

'We're already getting rave reviews from cosmetic doctors thanks to its excellent results and numerous areas it can improve the appearance of.

'We truly believe this could rival the results of established but overused anti-ageing cosmetic treatments.'

Whilst this is beyond 'quirky' (we say 'OUTRAGEOUS') the use of animal collagen in medicine is actually not 'new' news. For over 30 years, it has been used to help heal skin ulcers, open wounds, scars and bedsores, Vida Aesthetics say.

That may be so, but it's not something we would consider using as part of our beauty regime, ever. We'd take ten thousand wrinkles over this ridiculous £250-treatment any day – and that's something we're proud to be on our high horses about.

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