The Prettiest 27 Ankle Tattoo Design Ideas For Women

Small but perfectly formed.

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Whether you’re new to the tattoo game or an old timer, a perfectly placed ankle inking is nine minutes of pain worth bearing. Back in the 1990s, every celebrity had a lower-leg ‘tatt, but the trend seemingly dropped off. Now everyone and their mum have a teeny weeny, ultra-delicate inner bicep ink-job, it’s worth thinking below the calf.

Consider this: the ankle is rarely seen, never the focal point of attention (unless you want to make it) and yet the skin doesn’t age and sag there when you get older i.e. it’s ideal. Lucky for us bare-ankled fools, Instagram is awash with inspiration, like actual tidal waves of cool girls with ace inkings. Fineline specialist Wiktoria Folga at esthete__studio said, 'people love to get florals and sparkles especially in the fineline style as they’re super dainty and easy to hide. I’ve found a lot of people tend to go for their ankle as a first tattoo for the same reason, it's a perfect way to start the tattoo journey!'

Just be warned, you’ll want to be bare legged from here on out.


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Rose1 of 27


According to Folga, roses, tulips, and daisies are all popular picks for the lower leg.
Image Credit: @esthete__studio

Butterfly2 of 27


Keeping on the theme of nature, the butterfly is beautiful symbol of new life and freedom.
Image Credit: @esthete__studio

Red writing 3 of 27

Red writing

Red is undeniably a cute ink choice, however please note there is a higher risk of allergic reaction and fading.
Image Credit: @esthete__studio

Stars4 of 27


This a fun way of adding a bit of sparkle to your life.
Image Credit: @esthete__studio

Matching tattoos5 of 27

Matching tattoos

On opposite sides of the body, the ankle slash wrist serves as a perfect the place for an understated matching tattoo.
Image Credit: @esthete__studio

Flower sprig6 of 27

Flower sprig

Fan of the flower? But what to take it up a notch? Enter the dainty sprig.
Image Credit: @esthete__studio

Date7 of 27


Dates of significance are a good choice according to Rihanna. She has her own birth year on her ankle in gothic script.
Image Credit: Getty images

Hearts 8 of 27


When in doubt love hearts will never die!
Image Credit: @alessandromelas

Small script9 of 27

Small script

My favourite tattoos have to be the mini scripted ones.
Image Credit: @alessandromelas

Hibiscus 10 of 27


A sweet, single flower.
Image Credit: @alessandromelas

Palm tree11 of 27

Palm tree

A little souvenir from the summer.
Image Credit: @alessandromelas

Evil eye12 of 27

Evil eye

This evil eye tattoo will be sure to ward the bad spirits aways.
Image Credit: @alessandromelas

Leaf13 of 27


A baby shoot to represent growth.
Image Credit: @alessandromelas

Literal heart14 of 27

Literal heart

Wear your heart on your ankle with this striking literal heart tattoo.
Image Credit: @alessandromelas

Penguins15 of 27


Show off your playful side with a cute penguin ankle tattoo.
Image Credit: @alessandromelas

Sunflower16 of 27


Brighten your days with a sunflower ankle tattoo that symbolises joy and positivity.
Image Credit: @alessandromelas

Angel wings17 of 27

Angel wings

A beautiful way to remember someone special.
Image Credit: @alessandromelas

Cupids arrow18 of 27

Cupids arrow

A creative, yet subtle way to pull the love of your life.
Image Credit: @alessandromelas

Fox19 of 27


Line tattoo's are of the most popular tattoo choices in the world and for very good reason.
Image Credit: @alessandromelas

Wave20 of 27


The shading on this looks so great, serious attention to detail!
Image Credit: @alessandromelas

Vine 21 of 27


Who knew vines wrapped around the leg could look so cool?
Image Credit:

Zodiac signs22 of 27

Zodiac signs

If your a horoscope kind of girl, consider getting your star sign.
Image Credit: @alessandromelas

Both ankles23 of 27

Both ankles

If you're got a favourite pair of shoes you want to show off, this is one way to do it.
Image Credit: @alessandromelas

Sun and moon24 of 27

Sun and moon

Balance and Harmony – This sun and moon ankle tattoo captures the eternal dance of light and dark.
Image Credit: @kenzo.inks

Skeleton 25 of 27


Tattoo's don't have to be so serious, add a touch of fun to your step with this dancing skeleton ankle tattoo.
Image Credit: @alessandromelas

Dragon26 of 27


If dainty tattoo's aren't your thing, consider a bold dragon.
Image Credit: @kenzo.inks

Ornamental27 of 27


Tattoo's are indeed pieces of art.
Image Credit:

We caught up with the master pin prickers at famed Frith Street Tattoo in London to get the low-down on everything you need to know about ankle tattoos:

How painful are ankle tattoos?

'They said, 'a'Ankle tattoos aren't especially more painful that anywhere else on the body. The sensation is best described as a sharp scratch', said Frith Street.

Can you use an ankle tattoo to cover a scar?

As with anywhere else on the body tattoos on the ankle can cover scars but its best to seek advice from your tattooist. They advised that scars should be completely healed and settled (which in some cases may take a year or more) before any tattoo is mad. 'Scar tissue is more delicate than the rest of your skin so must be treated with care, and a design that bears this in mind is best. The line quality over the scar may differ from the rest of the tattoo, so something a little bolder often works better.'

What do you do when your ankle tattoo starts scabbing?

Frith Street Tattoo said, all tattoos must be kept clean and dry. They added, 'we advise customers to wash them twice a day with hot water and a plain soap for the first few days and then once a day when you shower. Washing them is good, but you want to avoid soaking healing tattoos as this can cause the scab to soften and lift off before it is ready.' Even if you're tempted the team said, 'don't pick the scab as this can cause a delay in healing and cause patchy colour and be sure not to wear clothing or shoes that rub on the tattoo. You don't need any fancy creams or tattoo aftercare; the body heals the tattoo, not creams. If you keep it clean and dry, you allow your body to heal'.

Any ankle can tattoo tips for a pinprick newbie?

Take your time and find a tattooer with a strong portfolio and then listen to their advice. Frith Street Tattoo said, 'the skin on the heel and towards the sole of the foot is hard and tough and doesn't hold a clean line so well, so listen to your tattooers advice about the best placement and size. Simple designs work best if you want something small as tattoos soften as they get older so how they age needs to be considered in the initial application'.

Say I hate it, how hard is it to remove an ankle tattoo?

Frith Street Tattoo advised that if you aren't 100% sure about getting a tattoo or your design, then don't do it! 'Tattoos aren't for everyone, and that's ok. But if you want it and have found a good tattooer and taken their advice go for it. Laser removal is pretty good these days but will always leave some kind of mark even if faint, so it's best used to lighten a design to cover it up more easily'.

Ok, so my pain threshold isn’t that high, can I get my ankle tattoo covered up with a new design?

Cover ups can be done dependent on the original design, but it's a small space which can make it very tricky. So if in doubt hold off getting something. A tattoo is for life, that's part of the appeal.


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