Two Minute Makeover: The Alexa Chung Beauty Takeover

Two Minute Makeover: The Alexa Chung Beauty Takeover

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by Grazia |

Today's Two Minute Makeover has a guest star in the form of international It girl and style icon, Alexa Chung. The queen of cool and wearer of neat and excellent winged eyeliner flicks sat down with us at the launch of the (pretty nifty) new Bespoke by Eyeko service to chat us through her eye makeup application technique.

If there's one beauty element Alexa's famed for, it's eyes. (We guess when you have naturally flawless skin and full brows, you can get away with keeping things low-key). Ms Chung was kind enough to show just how she applies mascara for that winged-out, extra-glamorous effect we all crave. Hint - it involves a few more products than our usual host, Beauty & Health Director Liz Hambleton, might plump for, but it's well a worth a shot anyway.

FYI, if you live near London, we'd recommend hotfooting it down to Harvey Nichols to try the Bespoke service. Basically, a mascara 'editor' will sit you down and talk you through your lifestyle, your desired lash look, and all that jazz and create a totally bespoke mascara, from brush to formula just for you on. On the spot. For £28. Which is a far cry less than a lot of luxury mascaras and it's got your name on it. What's not to love?

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on Grazia Daily to see our next video with Alexa, alongside our girl Liz.

(With thanks to the team at Eyeko & Harvey Nichols)

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