7 Lifestyle Rules That French Women Swear By

Here's how to live (and look) more like the French...

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by Arianna Chatzidakis |

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It's no secret that French women exude an air of mystery: they're confident, alluring and oh-so-chic. Plus, they have glowing skin, and isn't all down to their genetics - the lifestyle rules they follow play a big part! If you've always wanted to live (and look!) more like a French woman, then you'll be pleased to know that we've teamed up with French skincare brand Caudalie to spill the secrets on the lifestyle rules that these stylish women swear by...

1. They drink lots of water

Not only is it good for your body, but regularly drinking an adequate amount of water will also work wonders for your skin. We recommend aiming for 2 litres a day.

2. They look after their skin

Daily aggressors and air pollution can wreak havoc with your skin, and French women know this. That's why they're so strict with their skincare regimes, and as a result, have youthful, clear skin.

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Take a leaf out of their books, and introduce some anti-wrinkle, pollution-busting products into your skincare routine. We recommend using the Caudalie Vine[Activ] Anti-wrinkle Serum to combat everyday aggressors like pollution and stress, and the Vine[Activ] Overnight Detox Oil to regenerate tired skin overnight. You can layer the products together, which makes for easy application - bonus!

3. They massage their faces

Daily or even weekly facial massages can relieve facial stress, as well as help to plump the skin. Try massaging your face every night using small circular motions, and we bet that you'll be able to notice a difference in your skin's appearance!

4. They own capsule wardrobes

Having a set amount of chic clothing means that you don't waste time in the morning trying to throw together an outfit, and you're guaratneed to always look stylish.

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5. They don't try too hard

French women are known for being effortlessly cool. They don't get stressed out, they don't demand attention, they have a relaxed view on everything, and they most certainly don't chase men.

6. Less is more

Apply this to every aspect of your life, but especially with your makeup! Keeping things minimal is key, so try using a lightweight, versatile product, like Caudalie's 3-in-1 Moisturiser, which has mattifying powders and light reflectors that will help your skin glow. All you'll need to do is finish your look with a bright lip or kohl-lined eyes - simple!

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7. Being active is a way of life

Exercise is good for the mind and soul, and of course, anything that helps you achieve a model-worthy physique is just an added bonus.

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