The 5 Best Beauty Tips From The Victoria’s Secret Angels

5 Top Beauty Tips From The Victoria's Secret Angels


by Daniela Morosini |
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With the Victoria's Secret show tomorrow, yes, TOMORROW, you can imagine the glam-athon the Angels must be undergoing at the moment. From hair to tans, every inch of these out-of-this-world women will be extra-beautified to get them catwalk ready for their big moment. We'll not only be bringing you a live blog tomorrow from behind the scenes, but we also have some insider tips from the models' body guru to reveal about how they keep their skin glowing and their limbs lithe and limber.

We know that the girls obviously go through some intense training to get into Angel shape, and have a whole glam squad to help get them looking well, unfairly gorgeous, but we've been keeping our eyes peeled over the last few months to try and spot some beauty hacks we can try at home. And, we've struck gold - the girls are fans of a few products and tricks available to mere mortals, so there's a chance we can all get a slice of the action.

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With this in mind, we've decided to bring you the best Victoria's Secret beauty tips they've shared recently, from their superstar trainer to oil pulling. Click through the gallery to see more, and be sure to check the site tomorrow, when it will be a true VS takeover. We're more than just a little bit excited to have Kendall & Gigi joining the Angel crew...


The 5 Best Beauty Tips From The Victoria's Secret Angels

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Coconut Oil

One A-List beauty trend that shows no signs of slowing down, heaps of the Angels have been fanatic about the stuff. Miranda Kerr likes to 'oil pull', ie swill oil around in her mouth and spit it out to really clean your teeth, Lindsay Ellington likes to take her mascara off with it and the others have used it as a hair mask. See you in Whole Foods...

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Justin Gelband

All the Angels work out with their special Angel trainer, Justin Gelband. Luckily for us, Justin's made a lot of the programmes available on YouTube to try at home. His ethos is on activating muscles that conventional gym exercise doesn't reach, and uses small weights with lots of repetitions to help the girls get lean, long limbs.

RMS4 of 6


This cult beauty brand is a favourite among the girls: the all-natural, kind to the environment products tick a lot of boxes on the Angel must-have list. Behati Prinsloo spoken of her love for their Living Luminizer (£30.00, Cult Beauty), a natural looking highlighter.

Colbert Illumino Oil, £100.00, Space NK5 of 6

Colbert Illumino Oil, £100.00, Space NK

Dr Colbert is the Angels' go-to skin doctor, and personalises their bottles of his famous Illumino Oil for them - cute! The oil has Vitamin C and a small amount of retinol for seriously glowing skin.

ghd6 of 6


ghd are the official hair sponsor for the show, which means every sexy, tousled style you see on the runway is a certified ghd look. This year, we'll bet you anything their Curve stylers (which won a Grazia Beauty Award this year) will feature...

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