25 Timeless Beauty Tips To Celebrate IMEDEEN’s 25th Birthday!


by Tamsin Salfrais |
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It's IMEDEEN's birthday! Those wonderful people have been celebrating our skin, hair and nails for a whole 25 years and now it's time to celebrate them. For a quarter of a century, IMEDEEN have helped you get younger looking skin with their little pills of perfection – cheerleading becoming beautiful from the inside.

In honour of their 25th birthday, here are 25 timeless tips to keep you looking and feeling gorgeous...

1. Hydrate!

Let’s start with a classic – hydrate and flush out the bad toxins to achieve clearer, brighter skin.

2. Splash cold water after washing your face…

This tightens the pores after you’ve scrubbed the nasties from your skin.

3. … And after washing your hair

Your hair is also porous, so a shot of cold water after washing will lock in moisture.

4. Don't wash your hair every day!

Washing your hair every other day, (or less!) ensures that your natural moisture isn’t stripped away!

5. Exfoliate

Ensure you exfoliate at least once a week to get rid of any dry skin. For a natural exfoliator, use salt and warm water.

6. Moisturise

Soaps can strip natural moistures, so restore this by moisturising after every shower.

7. Put toothpaste on blemishes

This will dry out any angry-looking spots.

8. Use a tissue when applying lipstick for a longer lasting colour

Apply one coat and then press your lips down on a tissue. Reapply another coat of lipstick and drink, dance, kiss with a lipstick that will last for hours.

9. Coconut Oil

Condition your hair with coconut oil, or massage into your skin for smooth, baby softness. You can even rinse your mouth with coconut oil for whiter teeth!

10. Castor oil on your eyelashes

Another natural, oil-based treatment; castor oil encourages growth and conditions your eyelashes.

11. Apply your mascara properly

For longer lashes, wiggle the wand as you apply, as well as slowly blinking down for the top lashes. Ta da! Show-stopping lashes.

12. Nude or white eyeliner for wider eyes

Use the nude or white liner on your water line to give the appearance of wider, more awake eyes.

13. Lemon juice to lighten hair

Squeeze some lemon juice in your hair before you step out into the sun for natural highlights. Watch out for those pesky bees though!

14. Use a diffuser on curly hair

Rather than blowing drying with the straight nozzle, a diffuser will enhance a natural curl.

15. Sea salt for wavy hair

You can even make your own in a spritz bottle!

16. Hair Plopping

This is not as horrible as its sounds, we promise! It involves ‘plopping’ your hair down onto a towel, or old t-shirt, and wrapping it into a head dress of sorts. Your hair will dry into defined, bouncy curls.

17. Use the correct make up brushes

This will ensure equal and precise distribution of product, so you’ll avoid looking like you’ve scooped your make up on with a shovel.

18. Cuticle Oil

Cuticles are the barriers that prevent germs from getting under your nail. Protect your protectors: rub cuticle oil into your cuticles every evening to keep them soft and undamaged.

19. Hand Cream

Apply after you wash up, or submerge your hands in water for prolonged periods.

20. File your nails in one direction

Filing your nails in one direction will prevent breakages that can occur when filing your nails in both directions.

21. Add glitter to chipped nail varnish

Glitter can hide a multitude of nail sins – chipped nail varnish, nail growth; glitter disguises with the skill of a ninja. Don’t go overboard though – you don’t want the nails of a 4-year old.

22. Use stationary to create nail art

Nail art is so on trend at the moment. You can recreate the catwalk looks using simple stationary around the home. Hole punch stickers are a great stencil for half-moon designs, while cellotape creates amazingly straight lines.

23. Always use topcoat

Topcoat seals the colour for longer-lasting, shining varnish.

24. Choose colours to complement your skin tone

Certain colours will make your look pop. Navy eyeshadow or nail varnish looks extraordinary on fairer skin, while yellow on darker skin is sensational.

25. IMEDEEN, of course!

Take the 90-day challenge! The nurtrients bursting out of the Derma One skincare table can help maintain radiant skin.

Happy 25th Birthday, IMEDEEN!

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