12 Beauty Tips From Nicki Minaj: ‘Platinum Blonde Hair Is Classier Than Pink’

12 Beauty Tips From Nicki Minaj


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Barbz at the ready! This Friday 15th March, Nicki Minaj's fragrance Pink Friday will be on sale in Selfridges. Plus she has a special treat for her loyal British fans: the first customers purchasing the 100ml size will get a limited edition piece of couture to pimp up their Pink Friday bottles.

There are four designs in the Couture By Minaj collection, and each will be available on a different day and the fourth is top secret (the different days will be announced on Twitter @nickiminaj).

'The clothes are reminiscent of past outfits that I have worn and its just fun. Its making the bottle more special by giving my fans a way to make the bottles have different outfits,' Nicki told us. But do hurry, as there's only 100 of each design available.

As if that wasn't exciting enough, Grazia Daily grabbed an exclusive chat with the Starships singer to talk all things beauty. This is what we learned...


1. She's always wanted to have her own perfume

‘I felt like it was the natural progression of being an artist. I’ve always wanted my own fragrance and my fans wanted one. I’m a big perfume girl so I was like ‘hey I might as well create my own’.’

2. She wanted the design of the bottle to be unique

‘I thought about it long and hard and I thought that a pink wig with blonde bangs really was indicative of what my brand has been made to look like over the past couple of years. I just wanted something exciting and memorable.’

3. She knew her fans would bond with it

‘They sure did. They treat it like it’s a doll baby and they put her to bed. Its hilarious.’

4. She wanted to do something special for her UK fans

‘Because I’m so close in spirit to the UK, it kind of bothered me that they got the first fragrance later than the US, Canada and Australia because they were hitting me up on Twitter saying ‘hey, this isn’t fair’ and they were being my normal spoiled Barbz [the nickname she gives to her fans]. So I had a way to make this a little bit special for them and give them something that no other country was going to get and I knew they would love it.’

5. She’s ditched the pink hair do – for now

‘I’m all about my platinum blonde with dark brown roots and I’m loving it. I’m doing it in lots of different styles and it just feels so much more natural and sophisticated, classy and sexy [than pink hair]. So that’s where I’m at with it right now.’

Do blondes have more fun? Nicki's going for the 'classier' look

6. She doesn’t take inspiration from anyone

‘I just wake up and want a change and I go after that. Sometimes I love the change. Sometimes I don’t like it. I just play along and I don’t really study it that hard. I just flow up on it. Just being a regular, every day girl I just stumble upon changes that I love.'

7. She can’t live without lashes

‘I like really big lashes and I always have to have pink lipstick, my own lipstick actually – MAC Pink Friday. I love pink blush and definitely eye-liner for the lids of your eyes. I definitely cannot go without that.’

8. She doesn’t keep much make-up at home

‘I have a big vanity area in my bathroom. My make-up artist keeps the more glamorous stuff. I keep little tiny bags of everyday make-up but I don’t have a make-up area where I have ten different shades of blush and eyeshadow. I don’t really do all that when I’m doing my make-up at home. My make-up artist has tons of stuff but mine is very limited.’

9. She likes to have clean skin when she’s flying

‘I always take my MAC wipes to take my make-up off during a flight. Especially if it’s a long one. And a face wash without alcohol in it so I can wash my face and feel completely clean without having oil on my face.’

10. She doesn’t wear any make-up when she’s not working

'I think it’s really important for you to let your pores breathe. I wear lots of make-up so I love having a down look and then transforming into the show look. When I’m at home I don’t wear any make-up on my skin at all. I’ll wear lip gloss or lipstick. I’ll still do my eyebrows and my eyes but that’s about it. If I’m going to the studio, I don’t do anything. I don’t even do my eyes. I’ll just put on some lip gloss on and some shades because nobody is going to see me anyway.'

11. She thinks women look beautiful when they shape their eyes

'It just does so much to pop your actual face. I think highlighting your cheekbones always helps and some contour underneath your cheekbones in a dark colour. It always helps to give you a nice strong but sexy look. If you’re not a make-up girl then getting your hair done and your eyebrows done and some lip gloss always makes you feel more confident.'

12. Sophia Grace Brownlee & Rosie McClelland will receive the fragrance

'They’ll love it! [To the girls] Stay as you are. You are beautiful and amazing!'

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